All You Need to Know About Essential Audio Equipment for Live Streaming Setup

All You Need to Know About Essential Audio Equipment for Live Streaming Setup

Live streaming has made its place quickly and now has become a popular mode to interact with viewers. Whether it’s for advertising or gaming, live streaming has been proven to be one of the most successful content types.

Smartphones have become an integral part of life. Today half of the world’s population is connected to a phone. From watching series to online shopping and entertainment, the smartphone offers everything in one place. Increased consumption has led to the design of more advanced mobiles that can be used for live streaming when paired with the best digital wireless microphone.

Let’s have a look at how the audio equipment makes your live streaming even better!

Live Streaming Trends Using Mobile Phones

Regardless of age or personal interest, the majority of people have started to watch video content more than ever before. Moreover, mobile phones have allowed them to watch content while spending more relaxing time at home. With a mobile phone in your pocket, you do not even need to get up from the couch. Just start watching whatever you want with a few taps.

  • Increased Trend of Livestreaming Through Social Media

No one can deny the fact that social media is a popular platform to get engaged with others. People share their personal stories through videos or posts with others, and advertisers have commenced the use of social media more and more to attract their audience with captivating content.

The ever-increasing popularity of social media has driven the attention of live streamers to it. The combination of social media with live streaming is incredible that provide immense benefits to everyone associated with it.

  • Mobile, the Most Used Device

The trend of live streaming is not going to stop anytime soon. Streamers who produce content using large screens are also interested in being watched on mobile devices too. Portable devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones are considered great for live streaming.

When talking about today’s era, more than 75% of the population consumes live-streaming content through mobile phones. On the other hand, live streamers also seem to give a lot more attention to using mobile for live streaming as it’s more convenient. This steers attention towards making top-tier content with useful audio equipment such as a lavalier mic for mobile phone.

  • Popular Free Content

While most TV shows require a person to pay for, gamers, live streamers, and sports people want people to watch them for free. Who does not like free and interesting content?

The trend of ads in the videos also paved the path for the advertisers to reach their target audience, providing a way to get extra money for the live streamers.

Why Mobile Phones Are the Preferred Choice for Live Streaming?


With time, more advanced features are being introduced in new mobile phones, making them a great choice for video recording or live streaming.

For instance, iPhone 6 can just record 1080p HD videos with 30 or 60 frames per second. Moreover, it does not have the capabilities of a modern phone. Now with an iPhone Pro 13, you have the option of stabilization and HDR support, which are considered essentials if you want to stream from a mobile phone.

Additionally, you can also download and use the desired apps on your mobile phone that are required to make the content exceptional. This will improve the quality even more!

For a live stream, there is no need to do any editing as it delivers the real-time watching experience to the target audience. So, recording with a mobile phone seems to be the right choice.

The quality of the video can be adjusted using the phone with a high camera resolution, but for getting quality audio, additional equipment is required. The built-in microphone of smartphones is not sufficient enough to record top-tier audio. But this issue can be resolved by using an external microphone.

Why Using Digital Wireless Microphone is Necessary?


Limitations of the phone’s built-in microphone are the chief reason why most content creators prefer to use external microphones.

The microphone of mobile phones is not designed to record clear sound. The mic is built to be used for talking on the phones or recording audio when the subject is near. Otherwise, the built-in microphone captures all the noises from the surrounding environment. For this reason, clear audio cannot be recorded by just relying on the phone’s microphone.

Here comes the mobile microphone as a savior. An external microphone provides viewers with better audio quality regardless of the distance between the content creator and the mobile phone.

The Best Mobile Microphone for Live Streaming

Hollyland Lark C1 is equipment designed to deliver excellent quality audio. With the ultra-long battery life of 32 hours, you can record all day without getting involved in charging the equipment again and again. The MFi-certified Lightning interface on the RX enables you to record audio of unparalleled quality from a significantly long distance of 200m.


Its plug-and-play configuration allows you to start recording after plugging the RX into your phone. Want to check the quality of your audio in real time? Its speaker play with RX plugged feature is great for playback of the audio on your phone speaker to check the quality instantly.

Bottom Line

The advancement in technology has brought many incredible devices to make the live-streaming experience much better for us.

We all agree on the fact that high-quality audio is an integral part of live streaming that can make or break its whole feel for the viewer. That is why live streamers cannot afford to have unclear sound with other noise interruptions. Hollyland’s Lark C1 is the ultimate choice of most content creators due to its amazing attributes. Using this equipment, you can capture the audio that will provide a wonderful experience to your live audience.

Want to go the extra mile to deliver the best as a live streamer? Well, Lark C1 can help you achieve that.

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