Android 12’s Top 12 Features: How to Install Them

Android 12’s Top 12 Features can experience now. Pixel owners can now download the most updated incarnation of Google’s mobile platform, which offers several useful new enhancements.

Android 12's Top 12 Features

Google’s mobile phone operating system NEEDS A UPDATE. The most recent version,  Android 12, is jam-packed with both significant and little enhancements.

And over 3 billion smartphones around the world use Google’s Android operating system. On t top smartphones from Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony, and OnePlus. And, of course, Google’s Pixel range, you can find it. Although Android 12 is more like a step than just a leap, it nevertheless has some significant improvements. Here’s how to download the update for your phone before we get into the features.

Android 12’s Top 12 Features: How to Get Android 12

Not everyone will have quick access to Android 12. Major updates from manufacturers typically take months to provide. And they frequently add their own twist to Google’s version. Some gadgets, however, now support upgrades.

You can currently download Android 12 if you own a Google Chromebook 3 or newer. Google said it makes it available for Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Xiaomi, and Vivo devices. Early this year. It will also soon be accessible for Android One devices (many of which were a part of the Android 12 Beta program). It is wise to backup everything before upgrading, so navigate to Settings > System > Backup > Back up now. In our advice on backing up your Android phone, we go into further detail.

Look in Settings > System and touch on Advance > System Update to see if the update is now available for download on your Pixel. You can choose to hit Check for update instead of having it seek for the update automatically. Keep in mind that updates are s often release over a few days, so that even qualifying phones may experience a brief delay.

If you have an Android phone from a different manufacturer, you may find out when Android 12 will be released by visiting the company’s website, forums, or social media accounts. Samsung phones S10 and newer may expect four years’ worth of upgrades, so if you purchased your phone in late 2019 or even more recently, you should be able to obtain it at some time. The majority of high-end Android phones should expect to see at least 2 years’ worth of improvements.

Android 12’s Top 12 Features: Leading New Features

These are our top 12 features from the Android 12 beta, which we have been experimenting with for some time. There are numerous additional smaller enhancements, and you can read more about them at the Android 12 website or Google’s developer site.

Android 12’s Top 12 Features :1. A Fresh Face;

The first thing you’ll notice about Android 12 is its new appearance. With an upgrade of its visual style and a focus on its many customization choices, Google has updated its design language. Material You can extract relevant a color scheme from your chosen background and apply it to the complete operating system, including the lock screen, which assists in providing, notification shade, volume controls, and widgets. This allows you to focus on personalization. Although it now only functions with Google apps, these colors even make their way into the apps themselves. Material You is a Pixel-first feature that will eventually be made available to the entire Android ecosystem. Additionally, the OS now has bigger fast settings tiles, stronger lettering, and a larger typeface overall.

The new UI animations and transitions are entertaining and fluid while using less energy. With adjustments based on input and context, the user interface is more flexible than ever. For instance, the eye-catching new clock widget clearly shows the time but expands on the home screen once you get a new alert, allowing you to tell at a glance what’s waiting. Even by end of October, Google will have released over a dozen new and improved widgets.

Android 12’s Top 12 Features: 2. More effective Quick Settings

In Android 12, the Quick Settings icons at the top had already changed when you pull down the notification shade. In place of the previous circular icons, rounded rectangles now provide more data (and are also easier to tap). You may still choose which tiles to see and in what sequence and they now match your color palette. In order to provide rapid access to payments or smart home devices, Google has also introduced controls for Google Pay and Home. Still, you may long-press to open the corresponding options page or tap to turn items on and off.

You might not appreciate that switching off Wi-Fi and data now requires two steps since they were combined into one tile. If you wish to disable one of them, tap it, then touch the switch next to the name of your Wi-Fi network or your carrier.

Android 12’s Top 12 Features : 3. A Dashboard for Privacy

Android 12 has a strong focus on privacy, or at least The internet is attempting to do so. The new Privacy Monitor reflects that. You can view all of the permissions settings on a single screen. It displays which data has been accessed over the previous 24 hours, by which programs, and how frequently. It should be simpler to manage what it is you are publishing and revoke rights you don’t want certain apps to have thanks to a convenient timeline view, which also offers some transparency.

Android 12’s Top 12 Features: 4. Control of the microphone and camera

It’s always unsettling to carry a smartphone with a microphone and camera, so an indication at the top right of the notification center that tells you exactly when apps are utilizing either would be really helpful. Whenever you knock down your notifications, Google has also included the ability to switch off your microphone and camera across the board under the new Quick Settings.

Android 12’s Top 12 Features: Greater Control Over Location Tracking

It is unsettling to consider that third-party apps can be monitoring your precise position and using the information for purposes that are unknown. Some applications, like as weather apps, have good reasons to look up your location, but they don’t require accurate information. Because of this, Google creates a new location tracking option that lets you choose between Precise and Approximate. You can now access local info without disclosing a precise record of your movements.

Similar to this, Google change Android’s Bluetooth permissions so that any connected devices, such as headphones or wearables, no longer require access to your location.

Android 12’s Top 12 Features:6. Richer Notifications, sixth

In Android 12, notifications have a crisper appearance and beautiful transitions. While they can still explain, the content they can now hold is richer. And tapping on them now instantly launches the corresponding app. Additionally, there is more freedom for developers to require user authentication before protecting lock screen notifications.

7. Screenshots that scroll

Manufacturers of smartphones including Samsung and OnePlus already permit you to take screenshots. That extends past the visible screen and scrolls down to get a whole web page. Android now comes with scrolling screenshots built in. The process for taking a screenshot remains the same, however, there is a Take more button. The ability to add text, emoticons, and stickers has been added to the markup tools used to modify and annotate screenshots.

8. Streamlining WiFi Sharing

With a QR code, you already can share your Wi-Fi password, but Android 12 makes this even simpler by including a Nearby button underneath the code that Android’s Nearby Share You can tap the computer you want to wirelessly share your Wi-Fi information with once it scans for nearby devices.

9. Device-Based Search

Similar to Spotlight Search on iPhones, Google included AppSearch on Android 12. This on-device search tool may be able to look for indexed material inside apps and other information on your phone. Even if your gadget is offline, it still functions. This option may be found as a distinct search bar in the app drawer on Pixel phones. With the help of the toggles for Shortcut, People, Options, and Pixel Tips, you may filter the search.

10. One-Handed Mode

Yet other modes become essential as touchscreens have gotten bigger, much as the useful Reachability feature on iPhones. In Android 12, you can enable it by going to Settings > System > One-Handed mode, so you can swipe down in any app to move the top of the display downward. By eliminating the need to use your other hand, it is now much simpler to access those notifications or icons with your thumb. Simply slide up from the bottom of a screen or hit the area of the screen directly above the app to leave.

11. Improved Gaming

Just for mobile gamers, Android 12 has a few upgrades. For fast access to Not Disturb, snapshots and video capture, live YouTube streaming, and a setting to display your frames per second (FPS) while playing. Google adds a gaming dashboard to Pixels. This feature has been available in different forms from other manufacturers for a while.

As with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, you may now begin playing some games while they are still partially downloaded rather than needing to await for the full downloading to finish. In order to give users more control over the settings, Google has also permitted developers to give consideration to factors like battery capacity or performance.

12. Miscellaneous

  • Now, you can activate Google Assistant by holding down the power button for a long time. (many smartphones, including Pixels, offer the option to display the strength menu in the notifications drawer). If you don’t like something, you can turn it off by pressing and holding the power button in Settings > System > Gestures.
  • The Pixel 4 and later Google phones’ front-facing cameras use auto-rotate, which is more intelligent and quicker, to quickly scan your face before rotating the screen. Since the procedure is local, no photos are being sent.
  • A game might add vibration to imitate a bumpy ride, your personalizing ringtone might cause your smartphone to vibrate in time, and haptic feedback can now be connected to audio to make music and movies more immersive.
  • Only Pixel phones have the Quick tap feature, which enables users to double-touch the rear of their Pixel to access alerts, launch an app, or call up Google Google. Or take a picture (among other options). It is accessible under Settings > System > Gestures.

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How can I install Android 12 on my phone?

  1. Tap Widgets by giving the home display a long press.
  2. Once you locate Kustom Widget, scroll down.
  3. Browse towards the Android 12 Widgets package when KWGT launches.
  4. You’ll be taken to the directive required after choosing the widgets of your choice.

What distinguishing qualities does Android 12 have?

  • Android 12.
  • Android 12 Key Features.
  • every feature. Personal. Your Material Dynamic Color. Motion that responds.
  • Discussion Widgets. Enhancements to accessibility. Safe. Camera and microphone indicators and toggles.

What Android features are Android’s secrets?

  1. Utilizing the Split Screen to Multitask
  2. Block certain apps from being used by others
  3. Use Smart Lock to access your phone more quickly.
  4. Retrieve unintentionally deleted notifications.

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