Apple iPhone XR Safari Guide: Clear cache, browsing history, cookies, and other browsing data, block cookies and other web contents

Apple iPhone XR Safari Guide: Clear cache, browsing history, cookies, and other browsing data, block cookies and other web contents

Apple iPhone XR Safari browser option Guide

This article is made to support the latest iPhone XR users to clear cache and website data from the Safari app. And also we are guiding you to block cookies and unwanted content from your mobile phone.

The Browser caches are made up of the device browsing history, the sites that you log in to, and other suitable information got from your early browsing history.

These cache files take the advantage to increase the speed of the same browsing data that you access. This cache memory auto-fills the usernames and the passwords that you have entered. As these files give you many advantages there are even more troubles that you have to face.  If the cached files are in a large space the browsing issues will be created. So to prevent these problems you have to clear the browser cache, history, and cookies.

Within this guide, we will show you the process how to clear cache and browsing data in the Safari app and Apple iPhone XR step by step. You have the full opportunity to check this article when you need it.

Before moving to the guide, to solve the issues with your phone, see our troubleshooting page. On this page, we have described some of the general issues faced by the users related to these devices. However, if you need more solutions for these issues, there is an iPhone questionnaire made for you.  Fill it and submit it to contact us.

How to clear the browsing history, cache, and cookies on iPhone XR Safari

To have a plane browsing experience with Safari, we advise you to clear the cache, cookies, and browsing history daily. Better if you do it in the app. There are the steps for this function.

  1. Click on Settings in your Home Screen
  2. Go down and select the Safari application.
  3. On the next screen. Scroll down and select the option Clear History and Website Data. Then you will see a notification. It may include that the history, cookies, and other browsing data will be deleted from the process.
  4. Select Clear History and Data to confirm the process.
  5. Wait a moment till the history and the website data finishes the clearing.
  6. To delete the cookies and to keep the browsing history, return to the Safari menu. Scroll down in it to the bottom and select Advanced on the appearing screen. At last, select Website Data and select the option  Remove All Website Data.

You can do this process only if there is history or website data on your mobile phone. If there is non of these you will see gray or disabled settings. And also this can happen if the  Content & Privacy Restrictions are activated and web content restrictions are enabled.

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How to block cookies on  iPhone XR’s Safari app

The cookies mean the small pieces of data which are stored by the websites inside your device. This data helps you when revisiting the same websites and loading them quickly. The serves send these cookies as messages to your site that is visiting. All these messages are recorded in a small file called cookie.txt.  The general usage of the cookies is to track websites activities and they escort some of the threats to your iPhone’s security. But on behalf of privacy reasons, you have to set Safari to block cookies on your iPhone XR. So here the steps are given for you:

  1. Click Settings on your Home Screen
  2. Go down and select Safari
  3. Go to the Privacy & Security section.
  4. At last, select the Block All Cookies option and enable .

After this process, all the cookies will be blocked, and you have to make off the feature by yourself when in need.

How to use   Safari Content Blockers on your iPhone XR

The Safari is introduced with an extension, and it is called a content blocker. This is software bound with anti-tracking and privacy, and an ad-blocking tool is also instated into the browser. Since iOS 9 launching the content-blocking extensions have been installed on the Safari app. When this tool is enabled, the content blockers can control the different type of content that loads to your Safari browser.  This affects the type of cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other content that loads to your browser.

As you need to start with a content blocker on your Apple iPhone XR Safari, go to the App Store and download any content block app that you are willing to use. Some of the best functioning apps with the Safari Content Blocker are  Crystal Adblock, Purify, and 1Blocker. After downloading and installing your content blocker, follow the below-given steps.

  1. Go to the Settings in your Home Screen.
  2. Go down and tap on Safari
  3. Select  Content Blockers and organize the extensions as you would like. To see this option you should install any of the content blockers on your mobile phone.

Note that you have the full opportunity to use more than one content blocker on your iOS device.

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