Attractive Landing Page Design: Essential Tips for Beginners

Attractive Landing Page Design: Essential Tips for Beginners

Have you ever experienced being unwilling to shop further or move forward after seeing the entrance of any hotel, restaurant, or shop? Many of us might have experienced that. The same is true with the landing page as any online visitor visits your landing page, and if it doesn’t look good, visitors might switch to another online shopping website or any e-commerce website. 

Therefore, it is essential to have an attractive landing page for your e-commerce website to lure more and more online visitors and convert them into potential leads. Your landing page design should be such that customers are engaged and do not wish to switch to any other e-commerce website. 

Attracting more online visitors and converting them into leads is the main target of a perfectly designed landing page. 

Customers have trusted your brand and clicked on your link with some hopes and wish to buy products. Therefore, fulfilling their hopes and providing them with a great landing page is necessary. There are various points to be considered while designing an attractive and meaningful landing page. Let us look at points to keep in mind for an effective landing page design.

Tips and tricks for best landing page design and its optimization 

1) Try not to have too many navigational links

Your online website visitors will get confused if there are a lot of navigational links and extra information added to the landing page. Other navigational components may lead to changes in the page by the customers; therefore, it is advisable only to have a few required links and simple-concise information. Such a landing page will look attractive and easy on the eye of the customers.

2) Assure security 

With the increasing number of frauds and frauds, customers hesitate to trust online websites and provide their sensitive details. Hence, keeping your landing page secured with an SSL certificate that provides tight security to your online visitors is crucial. There are many SSL certificates available in the market with less price and high security. Few of them are Thawte SSL certificate, AlphaSSL cert, RapidSSL certificate, which provide security even at an affordable price, and you can buy any of the discounted or cheap SSL certificates from their provided options.

3) Your content should be compelling 

Another essential part of a landing page is the copywriting script. It should be compelling and alluring for your customers to think about it and take action further. They are here to solve their problem or satisfy their needs; therefore, copywriting should be such that they feel they are in the right place where they intended to be. When it comes to effective copywriting, there are a few things to be kept in mind, like headlines, power-packed words, short yet effective content, etc. Headlines should be catchy and convincing to grab the attention of customers to read further. Powerful words such as “right now,” “instant,” “buy now,” etc. are intended to convince the customers very fast and make them take action in no time. Online visitors will like your page if it has short but very meaningful and sufficient information provided in less time. 

4) Landing page optimization 


It is very crucial to know whether your content is engaging, whether headlines are catchy enough, what is the reaction of customers after knowing your deals, and much other essential stuff. Therefore, landing page optimization will help you correct your landing page if any defaults are found and lead to a more effective landing page after many changes. For a beginner, it is suggested to have a look at below points:

  • Headlines- See whether the long headline suits more or the short one. Also, check the color and size of the headline.
  • Graphics- Check what type of images and position of the images is most convenient and best for your website.
  • Length- Know whether a short landing page would be more suitable or a long-scrolling landing page for your online website visitors.
  • Offers provided- For instant sales, check whether some percentage of discounts is appealing to customers or shipping services are provided at no cost.

There are many other elements to be tested for better landing page optimization, such as copy and pop-ups.

5) Your landing page should be mobile-friendly

As we all know, most of us might use our mobile phones for online shopping or just to see what offers are available at discounts in our free time. Therefore, the landing page builder should take care of this fact and make it mobile-friendly so that there is no loss in the customer building for your business. Many tools are available online for building easy-going, mobile-friendly landing pages. Some of the tools for creating landing pages are named here-: 

  • SEMrush 
  • We Can Code It 
  • Bullet Journal App, etc 

6) Create fear of losing an opportunity 

Fear of losing an opportunity is dangerous for customers but very beneficial for online sellers. Online sellers always create fear of losing when they add words such as “hurry up,” “few hours left,” or “deal of the day.” In addition, countdowns are kept for some amazing products on sale or with discounts. Such elements create fear of losing an opportunity and lead toward shopping that is not needed. Nevertheless, this ultimately benefits online sellers and, therefore, is advisable to use it. Another crucial element to be included in customer reviews, testimonials, experiences, etc. as we believe in the product or service features if it is approved and appreciated by other users. 

7) Outlook should be pleasant

What matters the most is how your landing page looks overall, which significantly impacts your e-commerce website visitors. For a better outlook, it is vital to have a good quality of engaging and justifying images, enough white space so that visitors feel easy to read your content, and follow color psychology to build trust and make your customers energetic and enthusiastic about your products and services.

In Nutshell

Designing a better landing page is not just a necessary element of marketing but the most necessary action to be taken in this competitive world. It will help you sell products and provide other benefits, such as gathering email addresses and generating more leads. As rightly said, the first impression is the last, so do not spoil your first impression and provide a wonderful experience for your new customers arriving at your online eCommerce website.

See whether you are following the tips and tricks for better landing page design and what impact it creates on your sales and customer support. Ensure your landing page is engaging, persuasive, informative with concise content and creative enough to make your customers feel contented. 

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