Can A Phone Case Cause Overheating

Can A Phone Case Cause Overheating

Many people are familiar with overheating of mobile phones. It can cause the phone to become too hot and prevent you from touching it. You might wonder about the source of overheating in those situations.

Many people are curious if a phone case can cause overheating. Your mobile’s temperature can rise depending on what type of case you are using.

Let’s discuss whether phone case can cause overheating or not, what type of case affects heat, and other pertinent information.

It is important to know that your phone’s case alone will not cause your mobile to overheat. It is generally caused by prolonged sun exposure or excessive use of the phone.

If your phone is becoming too hot, you can remove the cover. The case can be removed to allow the heat trapped in the phone to escape. Your smartphone will be able to reduce heat more efficiently if it isn’t covered.

Smartphones can overheat when the particles have higher kinetic energy levels than regular. It is also the main reason that the smartphone gets overheated. The crashes between electrons and positive ions will increase if the smartphone is used for longer periods.

Can Mobile Cases Trap Heat?

Mobile cases don’t cause your phone to overheat, but can increase the temperature. The mobile’s exterior acts as a cooling cover, which helps to disperse heat from the internals

Some mobile cases can trap heat and prevent the phone’s exterior from cooling down. Your mobile phone will heat up too quickly. You may have noticed that your cell phone gets too hot if you use a rubber case. Rubber cases are heat-resistant.

It is better to have a different case for your phone if you are constantly thinking facing heating issues.

Here are the different types of phone cases and their specifications to deal with overheating

Aluminum Cases

Many people believe that aluminum cases will heat up their phones. It isn’t true. Aluminum cases, despite being bulky, are a great conductor of heat. These aluminum cases can help remove excess heat.

Climate Case

The climate case cools down your phone. The climate case is a protective mobile cover that prevents your phone from overheating. This case will protect your mobile phone from freezing. It is shaped like a pouch, and can withstand extreme heat or cold. This Climate Case will bring your phone back to normal temperature within 60 seconds if it is emitted extreme heat or freezing.

Silicone & Polycarbonate Cases

Many mobile cases today are made from silicone, TPU or polycarbonate. The polycarbonate is a stronger type of plastic. The TPU material is similar to rubber and plastic. TPU and silicone are heat conductors that are very poor, so they may trap heat. These cases can cause the phone to heat up. If the phone gets too hot, remove the case.

Tips on Cooling Down a Hot Mobile Device

Here are some things you should do if your phone gets too hot. This can prevent your phone from getting worse. If the problem persists after following the above tips, it is a good idea to contact an authorized cell phone repair centre. Overheating can cause damage to your phone’s battery.

  • First, turn off your mobile.
  • Remove the mobile case in overheating
  • Keep your mobile away from direct sunlight.
  • Switch off your mobile’s charger if it is not charging.


The above information shows that only phone cases will not cause your mobile to overheat. However, some phone cases can cause overheating. It is better to remove the standard case (or any other phone case) if your phone gets too hot. A Climate Case will keep your mobile safe from extreme cold and hot temperatures.

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