Can I install Windows updates from the update cache copied earlier from the same machine?

Can I install Windows updates from the update cache copied earlier from the same machine?

Installing Windows updates using earlier cache updates

I am re-installing Windows and as well Windows saves the downloaded Windows updates. Can we have the backups of the Windows/SoftwareDistribution/Download folders and copies after reinstalling the Windows? So Windows has the possibility to install updates using the cache?

I have got a very low Internet connection and downloading all Windows updates, again and again, is very disturbing.  I Have used Windows server updates offline updater but it is not much support and makes some errors.

Bruce E

It is unable to think this will function as you think. First, the cache is not stable. It is good to remove the earlier updates and it will not go out of control and require much hard drive space. Therefore the necessary updates do not exist in the cache memory while the other updates are there. This will make the other updates not install or fail the installation based on the detection code. There is the chance to replace the existing updates in the cache which are covered by an older later update. It has no meaning to install any update that is not useful to replace with another. It is sure that it only needs the information on the download directory and no other entries gained from the registries. This means that you will get facilitates from installing the Windows update for your usage. This is for only a fresh start with your essential updates for your system. And also you have the possibility to use WSUS Offline Updater which takes all the existing updates needed for your system.  And make a CD/ISO image to do required updates after installation. What kind of issues do you find in WSUSOU. I have used it for lots of systems starting from XP to Win7 and never faced any trouble with it. All the updates are working properly and run the Windows update You see that no more updates are needed, for your computer.  It is better if you are using a new browser. It is old and may have any issues with security. Update to version 2.2

Hovsep A

Do you know the process of creating Windows 7 Installation using Integrated Updates? Move the new Windows updates to the new Windows DVD. Then there is the chance to install it.

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