Dropping Your Phone: Fix & Protect

Dropping Your Phone

Dropping your phone may not be harmful to some modern phones. But some falls can be downright devastating. It depends on the way of drop of the phone, the building structure of the phone, and what extra layers of protection it might have.

What happens to your phone when you drop it? Keep reading to learn all about whether a dropped phone has internal damage.

How Do Cell Phones Handle Impact?

When a phone dropped, what actually happens? We all can understand that the phone will fall and hit the ground… Yes, But in what ways does that affect the phone? This is what we need to learn.

The majority of the time, the phone must deflect the blow and withstand the stress to avoid breaking it self. No matter how fragile a phone looks, it must say that it can withstand drops. Engineers work very hard to design phones that can withstand a few drops out there because they expect phones to drop occasionally. However, there are no assurances about the safety…

Regardless of the design of engineers, a single drop might destroy the phone. However, the functionality and design concepts at least give your phone a safe relief.

Design concepts adopted to minimize fall damage

Dropping Your Phone

In this regard, immobility is the first design factor to take into account. According to that concept, moving parts in phones have minimized to the greatest extent possible. When a phone is dropping, moving parts are the enemy, thus as many components as possible are soldering into place and holding firmly. There are restrictions on how effective this. The phone transfers impact to its outside casing more effectively when there is less movement. The phone’s strongest component is withstand drops and it takes the brunt of the blow.

Phones have robust parts. This notion improved upon in modern phones. To optimize this protection feature, you might fully forbid the components from moving at all. The glass quality on modern phone screens has improved significantly when compared to those made 10 or 20 years ago. The “durable framework” that cushions an impact for a phone now includes the glass. Even while modern glass is more durable than older varieties, it can still break.

Phone bodies also can compare in the same way. Typically, they employ a metal skeleton with softer outer layers. The softer layer helps to absorb some of the impact from drops while the hard metal structure maintains everything in place.

Dropping Your Phone

Modern gadgets/devices like mobile rings, mobile air bags, pop sockets, bumper cases, grab tabs etc…

How does dropping the phone affect the performance of the phone?

After the drop, if there is no major damage to its circuits, maybe it can still use to the owner. But there are problems like cracking the phone screen, bricking the phone.

How phone drops differ from each other.

Not all falls are the same. Impulse and pressure are the two primary components that determine the risk level of a fall.

A phone break on impulse

The term “impulse” refers to how fast the phone disconnects. There is a distinct difference between dropping the phone on your cushioned bed and dropping the phone from a great height onto a concrete floor. Dropping the phone onto the cushion bed is less impactful, so it doesn’t break the phone’s momentum. But the phone’s momentum stops as soon as it touches the concrete floor. Due to this sudden change in speed, the possibility of damage is high.

A phone break on pressure

Pressure is more significant. What impact does pressure have on a phone drop?

The softness of the soft cloth cradles the phone when it lands on the bed when you drop your phone there. Everything is OK because it makes a sizable contact area with the phone.

The small section of the rock will link to the phone in case you drop it on it and halt the phone. Damage is more likely when there is more pressure. Because of this, it is typically preferable to place your phone screen horizontally rather than on its edge.

A smaller area of impact and higher, riskier pressure result if the edge of the phone is struck first.

What happens if your phone falls into water?

Dropping Your Phone

Among all the falls, this one is the least dangerous. Falling into the water is not something that goes with the impulse, pressure, etc. mentioned above. Water will ruin your phone. You do know that water cripples all the circuits in the phone, right?

Never turn on a phone that has fallen into water. If you do, you’ll have to give up on the phone. The best thing to do is to remove the phone’s battery, SIM card, SD memory card, and outer casing and let it dry. You can know more details in this regard by reading our How to fix a water damaged phone article. If you act as mentioned there, you will fall into the water.

Drop damages to the phone

Your phone could sustain significant harm if you drop it on the ground. A dropped phone may sustain interior damage such as a cracked screen or a detached battery. However, if your phone isn’t functioning properly after the drop, you’ve probably damaged the internal components. Warranties frequently do not cover internal damage.

You must first determine the extent of the damage. Your phone’s warranty is probably not going to cover it if it has cracks, chips, or scratches. In reality, if you drop your phone and inflict any kind of damage, the majority of manufacturers will lose your warranty.

Dropping Your Phone

Types of Damages

Screen damage is the common damage. You will e to replace a new screen. You can take your phone to a repair shop or replace the screen yourself by obtaining one online. The price of replacing the screen can cover when you have a proper insurance or warranty.

A loose battery is the most prevalent type of interior damage. A loose battery on your phone can result in a variety of issues, including lost data and a reduction in battery life. You’ll need to either change the battery yourself or send the phone to repair to fix a loose battery.

Damaged motherboard is another typical form of interior damage. If your motherboard has broken, your phone may overheat, quickly drain its battery, or even shut off without warning. Typically, we can not advice to replace the motherboard because it might be very expensive.

Charger port damage is another typical kind of internal deterioration. Your phone may not charge at all or charge very slowly when the charging port has damaged. In this situation, errors may appear in the charging port, battery, charging circuit. You’ll need to either take your phone to a repair facility or replace the charging port yourself to mend a damaged port.

Knowing if a dropped phone is safe

Follow the steps below for this.

  • First, check for any damage or cracks in the screen. If there are cracks, you have to repair your phone.
  • After that, check if your phone’s buttons still work. If none of the buttons work you may need to change the button.
  • Third, make sure your phone is still chargeable. If it doesn’t charge, your phone’s charging port may break.
  • If there are frequent restarts or shutdowns, it means internal damage and let it repair.

Dropping can affect to the signal coverage

Dropping Your Phone

Dropping your phone under normal conditions will not cause serious damage to your phone’s signal. But that fall can cause damage affecting the phone’s signal system. To put it more simply, dropping your phone can physically harm it, which could interfere with the signal or cause signal loss. Follow these things to try to solve the issue if you do drop your phone and notice a decline in signal quality or strength.

  • Look for any obvious physical damage to the device and if there are any chips or cracks in the hardware, this may be the source of the problem.
  • Now try to reset the phone. In some cases this can reset the signal.

The above damages are less likely to occur during a normal fall and this is doubly true in a cold environment where the phone slows down as a result. The interior components shrink slightly as a result of the reduced temperature, which widens the gaps between the tiny cracks. When the phone’s internal joints break, it makes a lot of harm to the device. The solder holding the phone together may fail entirely.

Protect your phone

Dropping Your Phone

There are many screen protectors and phone cases (The ones made of rubber are fine) available that may shield your device from bumps, dings, and normal wear and tear. Nevertheless, even the toughest case won’t help much if you don’t also take proper care of your phone.

Regular cleaning is important, and you should use a soft, dry cloth rather than abrasives or harsh chemicals that can harm the screen or other fragile components.

Keep your phone in a secure location when not in use, where it won’t be readily moved or dropped. Take steps to keep your phone dry if you know you’ll be in an environment where it might get wet, such as at the pool or at the beach.

Dropping Your Phone

Having an insurance for your phone is a good idea. There are different terms and conditions when getting insurance for phones. Research the conditions that affect the insurance you want to get and choose an insurance that can withstand all conditions.

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