Free Up Space on iOS by Clearing the Google Maps Cache

Free Up Space on iOS by Clearing the Google Maps Cache

Freeing Up Space by Clearing the Google Maps Cache

You must be using Google maps on the iPhone and iPad for navigation. You will be surprised by the amount of space taken by the Google Maps cache. Here you can learn how to take back that space.

If you have to continuously face the space running out issues on your iPhone and are unable to delete any apps or music that you use very often, there are some tricks reserved for you.  Use them to free up the space on your Apple mobile phone.

It is strange that downloading a movie bigger than the available space removes the temporary files. You have the option to change the method of syncing audio files to the iPhone. Or else you can use a third-party app for the photos you need to store.

A useful method to clear the Google Maps cache

It is a very special trick to clear the Google Map caches for Map users.

Before doing these check how much storage has got for the Google Maps on your phone. The thing is this option is only useful if there are only saved maps in the past. These offline apps take lots of megabytes on the phone but it is not fair for Google Maps to take up that much space on your mobile phone.

To find this information go to your iPhone Settings > General > Storage and iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. There will be a list of apps used on your phone. And also able to recognize the storage it has taken.  (Google maps nearly takes 95 Mb only on my phone as I use online maps. After removing the cache it only got free around 20 Mb)

If you notice a lot because of the offline maps, there you can clear them very easily. Take the google maps on your phone and click the hamburger menu.  Next go to the Settings > About, Terms, & Privacy > Clear Application Data. After tapping Clear application data, there will be a prompt that asks that do you need to proceed and tap OK.

As the prompt appears, you have to delete the general application data. They have included the offline maps that you have saved and also it will reset the cookies.

After clearing the storage you will have to log into the Google maps back again. No matter where you can still see the recent history and the saved places of you. Anyhow when clearing the cache do not remove all of them from your mobile phone.

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