Hisense Smart TV apps not working? The fix!

Hisense Smart TV apps not working? The fix!

Hisense Smart TV App issues

Hisense is among the most famous Smart TV companies in the world. Mainly in Europe, Asia, and African countries. This is a Chinese company that manufactures a large variety of Smart TVs with many screen sizes. But there are some reports about Hisense Smart TV App issues

You have the possibility to download any app on the TV and enjoy any streaming experience. Anyhow, there is some negative feedback from the Hisense Smart TV users about the issues of the apps not working.

So let’s see the reason for apps not working on the Hisense Smart TV. Through some researchers, we have identified that both new and old TV models are affected by this issue.

However, we came up with some regularities among these complaints of the users. So we have made a list of solutions that worked for many Hisense Smart TV  users.

What is the reason for Hisense Smart TV apps not working?

There are mentioned some reasons for Hisense Smart TV apps not working:

  • If there is an internet issue, the apps may not work properly.
  • You should update the software of the Smart TV, if not the apps may fail to work.
  • If you have not cleared the cache data the Smart TV apps can get failed to work.

How to fix Hisense Smart TV apps not working?

We have brought you the best four solutions to solve the Hisense Smart TV apps not working.

Solution #1 Deleting the Internet memory on the Hisense Smart TV

If it is a smart TV there is a high possibility to get affected by the cache. The functionality of the app depends on this. Though the cache supports the viewing experience of the Smart TV, too much of the cache can be a trouble for your viewing experience.

Follow the below-given steps to clear the app cache on Hisense Smart TV.

  • Press Home on your remote control.
  • Select Network on the setup options in the settings.
  • Press ‘Clear Internet Memory.

After the deleting of the app cache, the apps will work properly. If it is not you have to consider the other three steps given below. Note that when you clear the cache on Apps the apps return back to the default setting.

Solution #2: Resetting the Hisense Smart TV

After deleting the cache the problem can be get solved if not you can try resetting the Hisense Smart TV apps. Before resetting the Smart TV apps, you have to remove the external storage that is connected.

Based on the manufacturing year of the Hisense Smart TV, the below-given steps may function.

  • Go to the Main Menu on the Hisense remote control.
  • Click Self-diagnosis on the main menu.
  • Select Reset and wait for a  moment for the smart TV to get reset.

The resetting of the smart TV apps is one of the best solutions to regain the best viewing experience.

However, If the apps do not download on  Hisense Smart TV after rebooting, you have to download each app again. You can see the downloading methods below.

Solution #3: Updating the Hisense Smart TV apps.

If the above-given solution for the smart TV did not work, the resetting and cleared the cache. You have to update the apps on the Hisense Smart TV

The below-given steps function in all the Hisense Smart TVs but consider the manufacturing year.

  • Go to the Home option in Hisense remote control.
  • Select the Apps option
  • Navigate to the Google Play store and select the Auto-update apps’ setting.

This process is same as the adding apps to Hisense Smart TV. If the update option does not function properly, uninstall the apps and install them again.

Solution #4: Updating the software of the Hisense Smart TV

If the apps do not load after completing the three solutions given above, it is better to update the  Hisense Smart TV software.

  • Connect the Hisense Smart TV to the internet.
  • Select Settings on the Hisense Smart TV remote control.
  • Select Software Update
  • Give the update to the Hisense Smart TV.

 The time spends on the update depends on the internet speed and especially the size of the update. If you have not got any update on the software, repeat the processes mentioned above.

If non of the above-mentioned four solutions do not work as you need, you should contact Hisense customer care or the support center.

But if you need the apps to function properly on  Hisense, the four solutions mentioned above have the highest possibility to work for you.

If you fix the errors of your Hisense Smart TV App issues with the help of this guidance be kind to leave your ideas in the below comment section.

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