How SMS Tracker Helps in Solving Texting Problems

How SMS Tracker Helps in Solving Texting Problems

So my daughter was behaving weirdly lately and everyone had noticed that. So we all were concerned about her but my wife insisted that we are going to just wait and let her come forward. I on the other hand was not in the favour of such an act. As I could see how much my little girl was worried and scared. So instead of wasting more time patiently I just one night knock at her door. It was not the usual time so my idea was that if she will be awake I will ask her everything directly. If not simply this just did not happen. She was not only awake but she offered if I want to have a walk with her. That was a big sign so I said ok and we went for a walk in the nearby park. I had taken the first step so I planned to patiently wait for her step. After asking random questions about life school and friends. There was this awkward silence and pause in the conversation. It was like we both were waiting for the other to break the silence. She took the courage and told me that she has something to discuss with me. I was all ears so I told her that she does not have to hesitate or think about anything and can discuss any problem with me. That’s when I learned about the worst thing in my life. 

She was receiving threatening messages from an unknown caller Id. She thought it was something to do with one of her new friends who just got transferred. She was an Asian and her parents had just gotten here in the country. At the start, some schoolboys tried to harass her. They complained to the school authorities and at that time when no one stood for her, my daughter took her side. Maybe that thing made her the victim as well. She told me that sender probably knows where she lives as he has also sent her pictures of nearby stores and even this park. When I asked her about the text record she told me that he send him simple texts and instant messenger as well. She has been blocking all the suspicious IDs on social media but every time he makes a new id and sends her weird messages. When I asked him why haven’t discussed everything with us she told me that the sender threatened to hurt her friends and family if she let the news out. I was so furious. I asked her to give me her cellphone. I installed the cellphone spy app in her gadget as it was a mission already in the pipeline because of the recent activities. The OgyMogy spy app also offers features like SMS tracker, Instant messenger chat app monitoring, social media monitoring and more. 

SMS Tracker:

Once installed the user can enjoy the monitoring features remotely. My first target was to save the record of this hideous act.SMS tracker allows the user to not only read the sent and received text but also keep a record of the activity. All the data is saved with time and date information. You can track the caller Id as practically everything is in access to the user. The SMS tracker app saves all the recordings on the web portal of the app. Only users can access the web portal. I told my daughter about the app as I wanted to let her know about what I am trying to do and what is the purpose behind it. The OgyMogy though offer a stealth mode for the users. 

IM monitoring:

The main problem was that the stalker was using the instant app feature cleverly. For example, he would send the image or any threatening message and then ultimately delete or unsent it within seconds. That left her with no record whatsoever on my kid’s end. With the help of the OgyMogy android spy app, all the disappeared and deleted data is also stored and recovered with timestamped information. 

We tracked the stalker within a few days of using the app. Though I have not stopped using the app as  features like an SMS tracker, GPS location is important.  

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