How to call a professional pool table cover installer

How to call a professional pool table cover installer

If you want pool table covering services in your home, pool hall or pool table manufacturer, call our professional pool table cover installers today! Contact us with the form on this page. Our pool cover installers are available for your service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

We’re experienced at installing pool table covers like pool table felt pool table pockets pool cloth pool bridge pool cues pool chalk pool tables, billiards pool coolers, pool cue cases pool cue racks and balls.

We service commercial locations like bars clubs pubs restaurants pool halls sports bars, game rooms or home pool areas with custom covers of all types including fast-fold pool tables.

Our company has the personnel to professionally install pool table covers for any type of game room or billiard setting. We know that you likely want your new cover installed in time for an event, party or just because it looks great! With our experience, we can get your new cover on your table quickly so you can get back to business immediately.

Pool Table Cover Installation – Commercial Locations

  • You’ll appreciate knowing that pool table cover installation requires more than just someone with a staple gun. Our pool table installers are trained in the details of pool tables and installing pool table covers to pool trivets – the small metal brackets that keep your pool table located on top of its base. These are also called kissing brackets, but no matter what you call them, they are very important when installing pool table cloth on your pool table.
  • Our professional installers will make sure your new cover is set up properly on our pool tables. We’ll make adjustments for height of pockets or any other issues that may arise without delay. For anyone who has had an improperly installed pool table cover before knows that nothing can be worse!
  • So you’ve decided it’s time to get your pool table recovered. Congratulations! Now the question is, how do you call a pool table cover installer? The pool table cover installation process starts with the best pool table consultants in the business at Stuart Webber Billiards.
  • First of all, pool table cover installation is not a job for amateurs. If you’re going to spend a good chunk of money on a new pool table cover, it only makes sense to have the job done by pool professionals. Because pool table covers are large and awkward, chances are you’ll need some assistance from someone with experience. In fact pool table cover installation is such a specialized job, the pool industry has developed a pool table covering association to help pool companies come together and standardize pool table covers.
  • Pool Table Cover Installation Starts Here!
  • The first thing you need to do when looking for pool table installers is find out if they are members of the Billiard Covering Manufacturers Association (BCMA). The BCMA is the pool table industry’s pool table covering association. The BCMA has set standards for pool table covers, pool table cover installation and pool table cover care. But more importantly, membership in the BCMA requires proof of experience, proof of insurance and proof of product knowledge.
  • Once you’ve found pool table cover installers that are BCMA members, you can use pool resources like PoolDawg to research pool table cover companies in your area.
  • Finally call the pool table cover installer and actually speak with them about their pool table installation process. And here at Stuart Webber Billiards, we’ve made it even easier for pool players just like you. We have pool resources that answer many pool table cover questions pool players may have. And we can put you in touch with a pool table covering professional who fits your budget and pool playing needs.


You are investing in pool table covers, so you’re probably not very excited about hearing that pool table cover installation can be a complicated process. But pool players who have had pool tables installed know this to be true. However, pool players with our experience at Stuart Webber Billiards have come to expect pool professional pool table installation service with every pool table purchase.

When it comes pool table cover installation, you can reach Stuart Webber Billiards any time. Our pool table consultants are standing by to help point you in the right direction for pool table cover installers.

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