How to prepare for PMP and PMI-ACP certification exams

How to prepare for PMP and PMI-ACP certification exams

Project Management certificates are very beneficial for a person who wants to work as a project manager at any place. A person with these certificates on his back is more likely to get jobs in offices as compared to a person who does not have any kind of certificate. Most agencies worldwide prefer those project managers who have these certificates, which means these project management certificates increase the profile of a project manager. Some solid pros of these amazing certificates are given below.

●     These certificates are given by an international institute, which means you can get global recognition by taking these certificates.

●     These certificates prove that you are a skilled project manager. Once, a famous businessman said, “There is a skilled project manager behind every successful project.”

●     Some recent studies prove that certified project managers always earn more than non certified projects.

Some of the famous project management certificates are PMP Certification and PMI-ACP. Most people think that getting this certificate is very easy, and they made the decision to pass the exam, but unfortunately, most of them fail. The reason behind this harsh reality is that they just don’t understand the importance and difficulty of these projects. First, they just take it non serious, but when they realize that they can’t just get project management certificates, the time has passed away. In this article, we are going to discuss how we can crack the PMP and PMI-ACP certification exams to increase your earnings.

Importance of PMP certificate:

As the project management industry is growing day by day, Project Management Institute (PMI) has introduced the PMP certificate. It symbolizes that this project manager has the ability to work with the best of his expertise and experience on any project. According to research in the USA, a project manager with a PMP certificate earns 16% more than other project managers without this certification. There are certain requirements to apply for this job, but everyone in the world cannot apply for this certification. You have to solve some 180 questions in the PMP certification test. Some of the best suggestions are given below to crack this test.

Importance of PMI-ACP Certificate:

If somehow you are not suitable for PMP Certification due to any reason, you don’t need to worry. You can also apply for the PMI-ACP certificate; this certificate is valid for agile organizations. To pass this test, you have to solve 120 multiple choices in a given frame of time. Most of the time, their allowed time to solve this question is 3 hours.

How to Pass Project Management Institute Certificates easily?

Complete overview:

If you want to succeed in this test, just take a complete overview of the whole requirements at the official website of PMI. This is a very important step to crack this test because until you can’t understand the rules and regulations of PMI, you can’t clear the test.

Studying the whole year:

As I have said earlier, students just take it easy and do not work hard to achieve these certificates and certainly fail to pass these exams. These are not very difficult exams, but you can’t clear them without studying.

Follow the Guidelines of PMI:

PMI suggests that all the students have a complete plan to pass these exams; they also suggest some books to clear this exam. I assure you that if you follow these guidelines, you will definitely clear these tests.

Don’t rush:

Don’t try to become smart; work very fast; keeping calm and remaining consistent is the key to achieving your goal.

Keep in touch with PMI:

Every year PMI changes the format of the exam, so be aware of that; PMI also suggests practicing online before sitting in exams; it will boost your confidence and help you to clear the exam.

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