Install edge panels On Samsung Galaxy phones

Edge Panel

From Edge panels, you may easily access your favorite programs, functions, and contacts. This one is a useful navigation tool on Samsung Galaxy devices. Here is how to configure them.

Edge Panel

Given that Android’s One UI is also one of the bulkiest Android skins available, it’s possible that you are still unaware of all of its capabilities.
One of these features that are highly beneficial to power users is edge panels.
Also discover what edge panels are on the Samsung phone, how to turn them on, and what you can do with them.

What Do the Samsung Devices’ Edge Panels Do?

This feature can compare to movable side-hinged drawers or mini-windows that can customize. They may be used to monitor the weather, make reminders, check your top apps and contacts, and more. Instead, the majority of users substitute them for app drawers in order to access their chosen apps faster and quickly without clogging up the entire screen.

Accordingly, You can choose to display up to eight edge panels on any Samsung handset after turning on the feature. You may add up to 22 apps to the Apps category, as well as persons (up to 12 contacts), the weather, Smart pick, projects (up to 12 shortcuts), techniques, recall, and notepad.

How to Make Your Samsung Device’s Edge Panels Active

  1. Edge panels can activate by selecting them under Settings > Display.

2. Secondly When the feature is turned on, a handle to control it will be seen on the right. To reach your edge panel, click on this and swipe inward.

3. By selecting Edge panels > Handle, you may adjust the handle’s location, color, transparency, size, and width settings. To gain haptic input, you may even create the handles vibrate when touched.

4. Go over to Edge panels > Panels and pick the ones you want to add more of. To edit a panel, tap Edit underneath it. As it’s the most often used panel, the Apps panel is activated by default, but you can choose as many other panels as you like.

By tapping the button below, you may search for and install third-party edge panels from the Galaxy Store. Some forums are free, but some need payment.

After that long-press a window and drag it to the desired place to reorganize the panels in the desired order.

Get More Done by Using Edge Panels

A fantastic practical feature that gives you greater control over the Samsung Galaxy smartphone is edge panels. You have a lot more customization choices with Samsung. One of the greatest programs is Good Lock, which lets you do everything from changing themes to setting up your phone for only one use.

The explaining thing is small, sliding drawer-like objects that protrude from the side of the window. Although app shortcuts are the most common use, it is capable of much more. There really are panels for your clipboard, contacts, calendar, tools, and even the weather.

Better Is Bigger

When the double-edge screen first appeared, it amply demonstrated Samsung’s capacity for innovation. With it, users could much more easily obtain their favorite programs in one location and communicate with new people in their lives who mattered to them most fast. However, because the edge panel was only 260 pixels wide, there would be restrictions on how much information could be shown there.

However, the business has now improved its user experience by giving customers the option to enlarge it to an astonishing 550 pixels, allowing for the display of more content. The inclusion of new features and the enhancement of current ones have both been made possible by this upgrade.

Frequently Ask Question

Why is my edge panel invisible?

Go to the phone’s display settings. 2. Touch on the text Handle then Edge Panels. If you’re not seeing the Handle setting, pick the Edge panel handle by tapping the three dots at the top of the screen.

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