The 5 Best Mac File Comparison Tools and Diff Tools

The 5 Best Mac File Comparison Tools and Diff Tools

What are The 5 Best File Comparison Tools and Diff Tools for Mac

Do you need to compare the files that are on your Mac? No matter if you are a programmer or a writer. We have brought you the best tools and applicati0ns for the Mac file comparison.

Most often the writers and the programmers have to compare the various versions of the available codes or text files to note the changes. However, it is not an easy task to recognize these changes. When a document gets longer, there will be more errors created in the comparison.

By using a file comparison tool you can compare and combine the difference between two or more versions related to the same file. There are available different types of utilities, and each of them is made for particular types of file formats.

Let’s see some of the best file comparisons and the different tools available for macOS.


This is a very simple, multiplatform diff and merges tool. The user interface is instinctive and neatly shows all functions in a very proper menu. It has got lots of customized settings to make the files and compare the folders on mac very quickly and easily.

When the app is first launched, you get an option from the app to select a comparison module. To begin this comparison, click the File module and select the files you need from Finder.

Meld will show them side by side. The differences among them will be displayed after highlighting to make each of the changes very easily.

On both sides of the panels, there are two vertical bars as well as colored blocks. You can get a bird’s eye view of the changes if it is inserted, deleted, changed, or in dispute. Click the arrows in a section and copy or link a block of a file with another file.

What are the unique features of the Meld?

  • The three comparisons of files and folders.  The changes are updated in actual time, it does not affect the size of the file.
  • Link with version control systems like Git, Bazaar, Mercurial, and SVN. The fixed version filter supports you to compare the changes with the archive file.
  • You can get the support of line numbers, layout, syntax highlighting, and word wrapping for an accessible experience.
  • With the text filters using Preferences > Text Filters, it is able to remove the text that is similar to any pattern. Or else even you can use the general expressions to design the complex filters.

Helix P4 Diff and Merge Tool

Thus is a full-featured platform, and version of enterprise control software to compare and link the source files, web pages, manuals, OS code, and many more things. P4V is the client available for the Helix core server that hosts all data and occupied the store. You can open the files and edit the files on your counter.

After finishing, submit the customized file again to the shared depository or the depot, where it keeps the records of all the revisions done. P4V  links with the P4 diff and merge tool. The purple color icon and the color scheme highlight the input files. And at the same time, the green color icon and the color scheme highlight the output file.

This P4Merge shows the files side by side, with the center base of the file. This lets you compare two files using a base file to see the difference and choose the text you need to have in the merged files. For navigating click the  Previous or Next buttons. The menu is for free for up to five users and 20 workstations.

Unique features of the Helix P4’s

  • It can compare the PNG, JPEG, GIF, and more images and highlight the needed areas in gray and the different points in yellow color for both kinds of images. You can check the resolution, and depth, and check the image revisions in the time-lapse view.
  • The link with the P4V can show the full revision of the file history and the things that have changed within a certain time period. This is very important for solving n the issues.
  • Display the differences and remove the issues that come from parallel or current developments using the color code. And also uses syntax highlighting, line numbers, and wall patches.
  • To highlight the syntax click the Show Syntax Highlighting button to get the source code while comparing and merging the files.

Beyond Compare File Comparison

This beyond compare is a very understandable usage to compare and merge files and folders on Mac. The app controls a balance between the qualities and the performance with the easy user interface and the colorful buttons. When opening for the first time select the Text, RTF, Hex, MP3, and Tables for the comparing modules.

All the comparison functions have got a session first. You can modify and save the sessions as Workspace. Sim0ly get the workspace and Beyond Compare will open the sessions with the same arrangements and tabs. The setting features that handle the comparisons are named Rules. There is the possibility to save various sessions with each rule to match each of the tasks.

The app will show the files according to an order. The red color texts are used to highlight the main differences and the blue color for small changes. You can edit the color as matching your favorites.

The displayed thumbnail of the left pane shows the relevant map of colors. To go through them, use the Next and Previous buttons. And go through all the differences. Using the arrow buttons merge the files. Click the Save button on the right side of the window and save the file.

Unique features of the Beyond Compare

  • Using a network volume (NAS) compare the files and folders on the disk. Or else by using a remote platform like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and S3. There is the chance to include and exclude the file types, and insert the files while comparing and comparing the file and folder structure or any of them.
  • This Table Compare function contrasts the text files with plane data. There you can make an order of the data on key fields and compare each of them.
  • You can automate the routine functions using the built-in scripting tools. Get more details on this site.
  • Able to Link with the famous tools such as  Examiner, Dreamweaver, EditPlus, Total Commander, and Version Control System.


This is a multiplatform visual diff and merges tool. The interface of this tool is instinctive with few menu buttons. It depends on the visual frameworks to support you to discover the differences. And also it helps with the Office files, Java archives, ZIP, XML, and PDF. And we have discussed comparing two PDF files by using dome other methods.

Tap on the Browse button in the field to open the dialog box. From the other side open the local or the remote file using the SFTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, Dropbox, or Google Drive. It also links Git, Bazaar, Mercurial, and SVN. Thre are guides available on Installing the Git for mac. Search for them.

There are colors used by the app to show the changes in the blocks as inserted, deleted, changed, and in issues. You can see connecting the joins altogether related to each block to solve the results.

The upright color strip located on the right panel brings a summary with a limited visual map of the all changes. Hit the arrow button after hovering the mouse to merge the files.

Unique features of the  DeltaWalker

  • The find and replace feature supports you to find particular features and uses the general expressions for all cases. Or else use the shortcuts to log in them without opening the Find and Replace window.
  • Link with the other apps using the CLI interface.  The SourceTree, Visual Studio, and DreamWeaver are included in this.
  • The features of undo and redo keep the record of the editor changes. When you undo that changes take place in reverse order crossing the multiple orders.
  • Export the file comparison record as HTML and the  Patch. The end includes the differences between one or more different files. They are very supportive of the app developers.

Araxis Merge

This is a very difficult diff tool and merges tool. It functions with soo many file formats like Office files, PDF, XML, HTML, Binary, and the source files. So the app is suitable for many creative professionals and uses cases.

Press the Browse button and open the file. This uses the text removing filters and formats the tools to see the changes well. Go to Preferences > File Comparisons > File Types and customize the filters for the different files.

The strip next to the scroll bar displays the way of changes. The status bar displays a list f changes that are operated. Using The built-in plugin system toy can enter the files in the Git, SVN, and Perforce Depot.

There are two layout features available. Vertical and horizontal. Both of them are working on two and three ways of comparing methods. Use the Previous or Next shortcuts to go through the files. In addition select the small merging button on each of the blocks to copy, replace, or merge files.

Unique features of the Araxis Merge

  • Drag and drop the text blocks in both panels to edit the files. Araxis Merge checks the changes available in the background and saves them, You have the possibility to edit them any time.
  • Contrast the folders with two- or three-way file comparison. This layout breaks the display using the folders and the linked files.
  • Design the markers to show the lines that are customized. Leave a bookmark to remind the place or put a comment about the needed information.
  • The configuration link feature supports you recognize the points of the similarity of the files to see the results. This goes well with the complex files.
  • Export the files as HTML, XML, and Unix Diff. This tool is good for future checking storage and the sharings.

How to compare them easily

The Diff and Merge tools are surely the most underrated tools but all of you need them. The software developers require them for syntax highlighting and exporting the features. The writers like more visual diffs to contrast the text. The apps we talk about here cover most of the cases. Text them and see what fits with you.

If you are using Notepad++  then you can compare the file easily using a plugin. It is easily usable and suitable for both casual users and programmers.

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