Top 10 New Features That Have Been Added to Animal Crossing New Horizons Since Its Release

Since the game’s initial release, Animal Crossing has received a plethora of updates that have made Islands significantly more playable, and the ones listed here are among the best of them.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons really gave players and villagers the option to be creative in many different ways, and designing custom art and content would end up being a big part of the process of decorating items, walls, and more throughout the island and homes with a canvas for paintings, hats, clothes, and plenty of other objects. The Custom Design Pro Editor+ was one of the main ways that this option was made available.
With farming and life simulators reaching an all-time high in popularity thanks to recent hits like Coral Island and upcoming titles like Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, it comes as little surprise that people have been wanting to explore more relaxed games now more than they ever have before. New Horizons shifted our perspective on how we play, experience, and interact in games like these, and this is due in large part to the success of the Switch at the height of the pandemic. Animal Crossing has always had a dedicated following of players, but this perspective shifted after the release of New Horizons.

10 – Dream Islands
When Luna was added to the game during a summer update after the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it gave players the opportunity to explore a variety of islands without having to ask permission from another islander who is online. This was made possible by the addition of Luna in the summer update. This opened up yet another avenue for players’ creative expression in the process of turning islands into experiences. Dream Islands became a huge investment for a lot of players so that they could experiment with new ideas whenever they became uninterested in their own islands or were unable to rely on other people to open their gates. This ability to go into a creative and interactive island was what made Dream Islands so appealing.

9 – Wet Suit
Islands have long been a popular vacation spot for people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, islands are only able to exist as they do because they are encircled by water in some way. It seemed strange that the following activities were the most that villagers could do in Animal Crossing:If you wanted to do anything in the water on New Horizons, you were out of luck. However, an update coming later in the summer of 2020 will include the addition of a wet suit that will enable players to swim, dive, and engage in other water-related activities, thereby increasing the amount of player agency available on the island.

8 – Merchants
As soon as the villagers became accustomed to their new life on the island, those who had a fundamental understanding of agriculture and commerce began to see an increase in their wealth.

Leif and Redd would eventually make their way to the island not long after the book was published. They would then provide the villagers with a number of opportunities to look forward to and spend their money on.

7 – Brewster’s Café and Restaurant
One of the staples of the series, Brewster’s Café, was not included in New Horizons, despite the fact that the game introduced a number of fresh concepts that kept players of all experience levels entertained. Brewster finally made his long-awaited appearance on the island after a few updates, and he brought a lot of caffeine with him to the museum where his new shop would be located.

Brewster’s Café has always been a fun little spot to test your barista skills in previous games, and although it was mainly a new lounge area this time around that created some unpopular opinions for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it was still a fun little spot to take other villagers and friends visiting an island too. In previous games, you could test your barista skills at Brewster’s Café.

6 – Cooking
During the majority of those two years, working on recipes was a pleasant experience. Animal Crossing: New Horizons received updates; however, many players eventually reached a point where they could craft nearly every available item in the game, including some of the most expensive furniture in the game. This prevented the developers from adding any new content to the game. Similar to other games in the genre, Cooking introduced a fun new way to create dishes, and this included discovering new recipes over and over again, similar to the gameplay loop that would occur with furniture.

Players were able to acquire new recipes whenever they caught new fish, picked up bottles along the shore, or visited the restaurant that was included in the Happy Home Paradise downloadable content (DLC). These new recipes gave them the ability to put their kitchens to good use.

5 – Cover Up Your Own Stuff
Although it is a feature that is otherwise a common quality-of-life option in other games to help simplify the screen in shops, Animal Crossing took a bit of time to come around to the idea of hiding Elden Ring runes that had previously been owned. This is despite the fact that it is a feature that is otherwise a common quality-of-life option in other games.

Players were finally given the ability to restrict the list of elden ring death poker build available for purchase in shops to only include those that they had not yet obtained by pressing the Y button. This made it much easier to concentrate and keep track of the cheap Elden Ring Runes XBOX a player wanted the most without the stress of having to repeatedly scroll through the same Elden Ring Items PC (shopping here) over and over again.

4 – Custom Design Pro Editor+ 

Because the phone already had the Pro Editor+ application installed, it was no longer necessary to make repeated trips to the Able Sisters retail location.

3 – Hayward’s Shopping Center and Plaza
Because Animal Crossing has traditionally always been tied to a player’s system clock and functions in real time, it can be a bit of a hassle to wait for specific characters and events to take place on a player’s island. This is especially true for the case when it comes to certain events. Animal Crossing: New Horizons received its final update, which brought with it the capability to go to Harvey’s Island and build a market, thereby resolving the issue.

After players funded the new plots, all of the specialty merchants, such as Saharah (Rugs, Wallpapers), Kicks (Shoes, Accessories), and Redd (Paintings, Statues), to name a few, would all set up a small shop here. This would make this area a large park for when a specific item is required – especially for tools that don’t last very long before breaking – and a player is tired of waiting for them toThis decision to restrict some save data from reaching another console would cause huge inconveniences for players, and as Animal Crossing: New Horizons could have easily been declared the game with the most collective hours spent per player for the year 2020, the risk and discomfort of the console becoming lost or broken – or even for save data to simply become corrupted – would mean hundreds of hours of hard work would be lost forever.

The Island Transfer Tool offered one potential solution to problems that might arise from a broken Switch or the requirement to play in another location. Even though it took the better part of eight months after the game’s launch for the feature to be implemented, it helped a lot of villagers migrate their islands to another Switch that they owned without too much of a hassle. Despite the fact that it was a paid DLC, the content that was made available was substantial and expanded the game with what was essentially a more modern version of Happy Home Designer but with a twist. This also brought permanent new additions that could be used outside of the DLC and onto the main island, such as partitions, soundscapes, pillars, and more. These additions could be used anywhere in the game.

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