Beautiful women are proud to wear stylish outfits, including traditional attires. Here are popular traditional Indian clothes every woman can wear.


The fashion industry is ever evolving. Some outfits were popular many years ago and have made huge comebacks, while others are new and making significant impacts in the industry. Modern-day women are fashionable and want to look hot on different occasions, including when going to work or school. Indian clothes are perfect for many women because of their ethnic touch, comfortability, amazing designs, beautiful patterns, and unique embellishments. Top Indian clothes brands and designers have worked hard to deliver outfits that are easily accepted by women of all ages, including millennial women.

In this article, we want to explain the traditional Indian clothes every woman can wear when at home, going to school/office, or attending any special occasion. Keep reading to find out about these outfits and why women should get them. 

  1. Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez is a famous Indian ethnic outfit that was unveiled hundreds of years ago. The women’s attire includes a bottom, a long tunic or top, and a dupatta. The bottom can be designed differently, but the oldest design used to be tight on the waist and at the ankles. The traditional salwar kameez has evolved over the years, and beautiful today’s women can find varying designs to suit their body shapes, styles, and heights.

It is worth mentioning that you can find a plain salwar kameez and others with print patterns and unique embellishments. When you pick a plain salwar kameez, you should complete the look with an embroidered dupatta. A contrasting dupatta can also be essential when you wear a solid-colored salwar outfit. Remember to choose the color(s) based on the occasion, season, and skin tone; you will look astonishing with salwar kameez at any time.

  1. Sarees

Although sarees are preferred mainly by older women, women are adopting them in today’s fashion. Sarees come in beautiful unstitched fabrics that are draped around the women’s body to achieve a unique, hot look. One thing we like about them is that they come in different colors and print patterns. Some also feature unique artworks and elements.

Sarees are suitable for women of all sizes. You just need to select a saree based on your weight and size. The secret is to drape it properly so that you can look hot like the Bollywood celebrities you see on TV or in fashion magazines. It is also good to mention that this traditional Indian outfit is super comfortable but can take time to wear.

  1. Patiala Suits 

Patiala suits are perfect Indian clothes that will never go out of fashion. The Patiala suits are almost similar to salwar kameez but have a big difference in the design of the pants. Patiala suits have wider and hotter pants than regular salwar. Also, the pants can be pleated to give the wearer a more elegant, fuller look. The top design is almost similar to a normal kameez but can have improvements on the borders, cuts, and at neck region. It is usually a suit where the top, bottom, and dupatta have the same colors. In some cases, the bottom and top don’t match, but the dupatta unifies them by having the colors and elements of both of them.

  1. Lehenga Choli

Lehenga is one of the most sought-after bridal outfits in India. As a result, this outfit has become popular among young women, and they like it. So even if you are not a bride, you can add several lehengas to your closet, and they will come in handy when attending special occasions.

Lehenga choli includes a long skirt and a choli (top). The skirt can be flared at the bottom. You can also find a multilayered skirt on the market. The choli can come in different designs. It can be long or short-sleeved. The neck design can also be different. So a women should choose a design that suits their personality. But one can wear a dupatta or jacket over the top for a more refreshed look. The outfit is suitable for brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests. You can also wear it whenever you want. 

  1. Anarkali Suits

For the longest time, Anarkali suits have ruled the Indian fashion industry. The outfit includes a slim-fitted bottom, a long frock-style top, and a colorful dupatta. But you can leave the dupatta depending on the weather and the desired look. Many Anarkali suit designs are on the market, and you may have difficulty determining what suits you. So take your time, and if possible, try the outfit before buying. If buying online, let your designer help you make the right choice.

  1. Palazzo Bottoms

Palazzos have made a huge comeback, and every woman wants to have several palazzos in their closets. Palazzo pants are highly versatile and can be paired with kurtas, crop tops, tank tops, or t-shirts. You can also find palazzo suits on the market. It is one of the Indian clothes you should add to your wardrobe and wear whenever you want to look unique.

  1. Floor-Length Skirts and Dresses

If you can’t wear palazzos, you can go for Indian floor-length skirts. The skirts are as versatile as palazzos because they can be worn with crop tops, tank tops, hot t-shirts, or blouses. The skirts can also be paired with long kurtas to achieve a unique look. Floor-length dresses are also popular in today’s fashion. This dress can be a long one-piece suit suitable for get-togethers and formal occasions.

Final Words

Although Indian fashion is growing fast, some Indian clothes have remained evergreen and can be worn by women of all ages, including young millennials. These outfits include salwar kameez, Anarkali suits, lehenga cholis, sarees, palazzo pants, among others. These traditional clothes are readily available at the local boutiques. If you can’t find them there, you can search for them online. There are many brands, designers, and boutiques selling them online. When you get online, you will find a wider variety of Indian clothes offered at better prices. The buying process is easy and fast, and the ethnic attires will be shipped to your location within a few days. 

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