Want to Make Your Target Audience Feel Special? Here Are 9 Luxury Promo Products You Can Gift Them to Create That Effect

Want to Make Your Target Audience Feel Special? Here Are 9 Luxury Promo Products You Can Gift Them to Create That Effect

Luxury promo products offer you the opportunity to rope in the leads in your brand as well as they create the “wow” factor when you gift it to your best employees.

Besides, the luxury promo products make you stand out as a business and show that you value your clients and employees more than the money.

If you want to create that impression in the eyes of your target audience, here are some of the best luxury promo products that you can gift your clients and employees:

1.Luxury Wristwatch

Who doesn’t love a wristwatch, especially when it is made by a luxury brand? To make your target audience feel special, you can gift them a watch from one the luxury wristwatch brands like Rolex, TAG Heuer or Chopard. You can present this watch on special days, such as work anniversary or birthday.

Your client or employee will remember you for this special gift and they will not feel shy to brag about the gift and will drum up your business in the meanwhile.


Products like iPod and iPhone has made the music all more good. Today, people are hooked on to these devices to listen to some good music. To please their music sense, you can gift them a luxe headphone from famous brands like Sony, Grado and Bose.

Every time they will press the play button, they will remember your brand and say all the good things about your business to the people in their close proximity.

3.Gift Box

There can’t be a better thing than a gift box wrapped in an elaborate packaging. A gift box brings an instant smile on the face of people. Similarly, you can decorate a luxury gift box that can contain stuff like expensive chocolates, perfume, smartphone and a watch etc.

With so many tempting things in a box, your clients and employees will have plenty of reasons to keep you in mind. Besides, they will feel obliged to praise your business in front of their social circles.

4.HD Camera

This one is for the special client and star employees who do more good to your business than the others. With this product, you can acknowledge their contribution to your business and reciprocate their love and loyalty to your brand.

A camera from a big brand like Sony or Nikon that is equipped with all the modern technicalities can do wonders for the promotion of your business and cement your place in the hearts of your most valued clients and employees.

5. High-Quality Leather Bag

People love things that make them look affluent and supreme and leather has that element of class and opulence associated with it. By gifting a top-notch leather bag, you can work on this human psyche of your target audience and give them a strong reason to include your brand in their daily conversations.

And who doesn’t like the smell and finish of a leather bag? So your clients will be inviting plenty of eyeballs every day to the custom Velcro patches of your brand logo affixed on the front or back panel of the bag.

6.Makeup Box

If you sell women-specific products or the majority of your clients are women, then a makeup box can be the ultimate promo product you can gift your clients to retain your brand in their memory. Every woman loves to groom and dress herself up. And with a makeup box, they will have something to flaunt a certain look and they will certainly mention your brand every time someone praises them.

7. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers can be a good luxury giveaway for your clients and employees. They are newer version of speakers that people can use and carry around. As their name suggest, these speakers play sound without connecting to the source of an audio. People can connect these speakers to their workstation or car audio system and listen to their favorite tracks.

With these speakers, they have the liberty to play music on the go. So while they are in their car or home, they will be thinking of your brand as the business who changed their experience of music.

8.Wall Clock

Just like a wristwatch, a wall clock also makes a great lux item for the people who are associated with your brand. A wall clock made by Seiko or Marathon can be an excellent luxury promo product that you can present to your special customers and workers who have remained loyal to your business for many years. You can wrap it in a carton with the name of the person and custom embroidered patches of your brand to give it a personal touch.

9.USB Drive Pen

A pen is a common corporate gift that businesses give away to their target audience. The good thing about this promo product is that it is used daily by people in their daily lives and they can carry it anywhere which means they will be promoting your company on a daily basis.

This USB drive pen is a new version of a regular pen since it has a USB drive embedded in its lid. So people can use it to jot down important things and take out the cap every time they need to transfer data from one device to other. All their efforts will direct their attention to your business that made their lives easier with this product.

Luxury promo products have that element of opulence that make them excellent items to promote your business to thousands of people and keep them engaged with your brand. These are some of the best luxe promo products that you can gift your best employees and workers to rope them in your business.

In addition to the above mentioned products, you can also use custom embroidered shirts, custom embroidered jackets, or custom embroidered caps to promote your business. Just search custom patches near me and you see lots of embroidery shops that make custom patches. A good custom patch maker can help you make custom caps with your logo at a lower cost than the direct embroidery.

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