What to Do If YouTube Isn’t Working

What to Do If YouTube Isn’t Working

The malfunctioning of YouTube video platform

YouTube is the largest and the most popular video platform. But It does not mean YouTube will not create its own issues. No matter which operating system you are using, it can be Windows, Android, or iOS. All of these have the possibility to get broken down at any moment. The fault can be yours as well as the YouTube will make the fault, but how can we validate this?

The fixing methods are very simple, but in another moment you need a few moments to find a solution to fix the error. The solution you are going to find must be depended on the issue you are facing. Anyhow, we have brought you the methods to fix the errors and continue watching your favorite videos on YouTube.

See if the YouTube is down(All Platforms)

This is a rare incident, but there can be times that YouTube also has to face this. This is not a problem on the user’s side. You can make sure if the issue is with or by the YouTube from DownDetector. This is a free site that we can find if there is any problem on the video platform.

You will see a button at the bottom left of the image. By this button, you are notified about the problem you are facing now if any exists. If you need to previous issues experienced on YouTube click the white button at the bottom right. You will see it in the picture.

How to fix YouTube errors On Android.

There are some methods to follow if you are facing any YouTube issues with your Android device. Basically, you can restart your device, to check the Internet connection. And also you have to check whether your Operating system is up to date.

The step to do is, go to the Settings > About Phone and select Download update manually. After this process, your android device will start to search for available updates.

Another solution is to clear the YouTube cache on the device. This will fix the error. To clear the cache go to the apps cache Settings > Applications manager > Storage > YouTube > Clear Cache. You have to make sure that the apps are up to date and the time is accurate.

If you need to know if any updates are pending, go to Google Play and tap the hamburger icon. Select my apps and games, next to the app, will open the pending updates. If there is a wrong time and date on your Android device can also be a reason for this. If the time is not visible on your device go to the Settings > Date and time < Toggle off Automatic data and time.  

How to fix YouTube errors on iOS

Clearing the cache on YouTube on iOS is also a solution for the errors. And also you can do clearing cache on Safari’s as well. Do this function by navigating to the Settings >  Safari > Clear History and Website.

Another method is you can try resetting the network settings on the iOS device. To do this go to Settings > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

One of the other methods you can try is turning off the Bluetooth. Swipe down from the top right part of the device screen. Then you will see the Bluetooth option available on the right of the WiFi icon.

Generally, to fix this kind of error with any app, restarting the device or freeing up the space can be done. You may think these are simple and missed fixes, but there is an opportunity for these methods to work.

YouTube not working on Windows

If you are working on a Windows computer, try to update Chrome. Click the three dots at the top right and click on Help. You will see a new menu appearing and select About Chrome on it. If the browser is already up to date, you will see a notification. If it is not Chrome will do the update automatically.

Perhaps any of the extensions that you have installed can be the reason. Go to the chrome://extensions/ and disable the extension one by one. Simaltonusly check if the error in the YouTube is gone. With this method, you can know if the extension creates any issues. This function will take a long time period, but it is worth it as you are going to fix the error on YouTube.

Clearing Cache and Cookies is also one option. Go to the chrome://settings/ clear BrowserData and clear them. Click the basic tab on the Time range drop-down and select All time.

The end

Google always targets keeping YouTube up and processing, but at the times it drops down you can try the methods we have brought to you. If you used any other method to fix the error, you can share it with the audience. Leave your comments in the below section.

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