Women’s Fashion Guide: A Sneak Peek into the Hat That You Love So Much

Women’s Fashion Guide: A Sneak Peek into the Hat That You Love So Much

Hats are curiously trendy enough. There are endless types of hats for all kinds of purposes. The problem is that many people don’t know the different types of styles that exist or often have very wrong conceptions about them. If you want to adopt that look in your everyday fashion or have a special leaning toward a particular style, you must recognize them. Knowing about them doesn’t mean how much you understand these essential accessories. It is more about finding comfort in what you pick. If you know what you are wearing or have in store, you can quickly change your look for the day with them.

Let’s say you like felt material, and that’s why you are interested in the felt hat womens collection. But do you know felt hats also have their nuances? For example, felt can be of two types – wool and fur.

Wool Vs. Fur Felt

Wool felt is a fabric made by rolling and pressing the material through an intricate process. The application of moisture and heat forces the fibers to entrap each other, creating a durable yet soft fabric. It can be available in many colors, such as gray, black, brown, etc. Wool felt hats are the most comfortable hats out there, but they are almost identical to fur felt. Nevertheless, fur-felt hats also stand out for their refined look and softness. Fur-felt hats could be vegan or animal products. You can learn about the source at the time of buying your hat.  Now, you may wonder what your felt hat may feel.

The good thing is that you can sport your fur felt hat more often than a woolen one. Pricing can also be a thing to consider. All materials use some basic and popular hat styles, and the felt is not an exception. You must have already guessed it by now – fedoras, porkpies, and cowboys are, to name a few.

Styling look with a felt fedora

There are various ways to nail your felt fedora look. You only need to have some basic stuff. For example, you can take your blue denim jeans and a plain full-sleeve t-shirt out from the wardrobe and pair it with loafers that match your hat color too. Another thing you can try is your simple jumpsuit. Wear any animal print comfy shoes and top your look with the hat. If you plan to hang out with friends and have fun, a graphic tee, a light jacket, and jeans with a hat will be enough to cater to your desire. However, you can rely on a white cotton dress, neutral-colored suede shoes, and a matching hat for a breezy mood.

Styling look with felt porkpie

You can choose a pork pie hat based on its color and quality, whether it coordinates with other fashion accessories you might wear and the way it fits. These hats boast short brims and flat tops. People often mistake them for fedoras, while they are pretty distinct. Hence, you need to know them well. In felt porkpie, you will most likely choose black color, which is safer to buy because it goes with almost every other hue. So, it can be liberating to have a versatile shade that doesn’t disappoint you on most occasions.

You can effortlessly wear your shirts, flat shoes, jeans, and others with these. If you want to create something boho-like, consider pairing this with your short skirts and nylon stockings.

Styling look with felt cowboy

While it’s typical for many women to wear different items of clothing that make them feel ladylike and classy, there are times when a woman wants to get creative. They want to create something that looks less formal and more fun and fashion-forward. One way to do this is with a felt cowboy hat. You can start with a white long sleeve blouse for a stylish outfit appropriate for the outdoors. A vibrant pink tulle mini skirt and nude heeled sandals will give this look the extra oomph it needs. Add a cowboy hat and some necklaces to complete this extraordinary ensemble.

Or, you can try a simple yet stylish outfit with some feminine appeal. For example, you can don a pleated blouse with long sleeves. The color of the top can be cream or white. You can mix and match it with your slim-fit dark blue jeans and a leather belt. Finishing touches may include your cowboy hat and suede ankle boots for an elegant ensemble.

Many people talk about using hats and not their styles, which may vary based on their materials, shapes, and designs. So, no matter where your heart stops in terms of the hat choice, you must study it through and through. You can use your knowledge to create endless fashionable options for every day. It will only make you own it fully.

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