Wood frames Vs Metal frames – Tips for using the right

Wood frames Vs Metal frames – Tips for using the right

When we want  to frame a photo or piece of art, the frame itself (i.e., the molding or profile) is equal parts feature and aesthetic. It has to look accurate and praise your art. However, it additionally has to keep your artwork in place effectively.

A huge part of each criterion is what your frame is made of. While different materials can be used, nowadays we’ll focus especially on picture frames made out of wood and metal.

Wood Frames

3 different kinds of wood can be commonly used for framing, and the difference is important.

  • Solid/Natural wood
  • Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
  • Finger-jointed poplar

The first, solid/natural wood is as it sounds — normal lumber that wasn’t changed upon being cut down.

The second medium-density fiberboard and finger-jointed poplar, are engineered. They are still wood, However, important isn’t of a log straight from the lumber pile — they have been taken from bits and pieces of wood and rejoined to shape something important aren’t-engineering” would possibly sound much less desirable, it gives plenty of advantages.

Common wooden elements in your house or office (cabinets, flooring, furniture, etc.) are likely made from MDF because of their sturdiness and consistency. It’s also generally the most cost-effective material, generally to be had in better quantities for easy availability.

Metal Frames

Metal is another common building material used for photo frames, and there are numerous distinctive types — some more costly than others— that change in aesthetic.


In rare cases, Metal A Frames can be made from silver or bronze. These are high-priced choices, however, and aren’t recommended for the informal framer.

A silver frame — even one as small as 5″ X 7″— may have a starting price of over 100 dollars.

This is likely, among different reasons, because of its scarcity; silver constitutes .05 parts per million in the Earth’s crust.


Bronze is an alloy made from copper and another metallic. More frequently than not, this other metal is tin. A problem with bronze is its necessity to oxidize, creating a greenish outer layer.

Bronze is also not remarkable for casual framers and might require just like a lot of maintenance as a solid wooden frame would.


In maximum cases, metallic picture frames are made of aluminum. This material has many uses, starting from beer kegs to aircraft parts.

Since aluminum is the most abundant material in the Earth’s crust, it’s more affordable. It is also lightweight, because of this even a big photo frame measuring 42” X 62” might probably only weigh two or three pounds when made from aluminum.

In comparison to Bronze, aluminum is proof against corrosion, because of this that minimal protection would be required.

Final Thoughts:

There are many differences between wood and metal frames, and they require specific strategies to assemble and maintain.

For informal framers, the satisfactory choice might always be the most cost-effective and require the least amount of maintenance. It’s not worth shopping for a costly solid wood or bronze frame in case you don’t intend on maintaining it, and then letting it rust or succumb to infestation.

Beyond the functional nuances, however, it relies upon the customer’s personal aesthetic taste. 

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