CyberArk Vs SailPoint

CyberArk Vs SailPoint

As the organization develops bigger, it is significant to efficient cybersecurity and Identity and Access Management to protect the organization’s data from unauthorized access. CyberArk and SailPoint are two well-known Tools for this purpose. In this article, we will investigate the distinctions between CyberArk and SailPoint. But, getting a short outline of CyperArk and SailPoint prior to looking at them is also important.


1) What is CyberArk?

2) What is SailPoint?

3) CyberArk vs. SailPoint

  • Advantages of CyberArk
  • Advantages of SailPoint
  • When to choose CyberArk?
  • When to choose SailPoint?
  • How much does the CyberArk Cost?
  • How much does the SailPoint Cost?

4) Conclusion

What is CyberArk?

CyberArk is a Cybersecurity tool that serves as an Identity and Access Management solution to assist organizations by continuously monitoring and auditing who accesses the accounts and how they are used. It supports features like session recording, password vaulting, and just-in-time access to protect the organization’s digital assets and safeguard privileged accounts and credentials.  

What is SailPoint?

SailPoint, on the other hand, is an identity governance and administration (IGA) platform for identity provisioning, access certifications, and role-based access control. It assists organizations in managing user access and ensuring they stay compliant and secure. It offers a centralized system for managing user identities, access privileges, and security policies across an enterprise.

CyberArk Vs SailPoint: Key Comparisons

Advantages of CyberArk? 

  1. CyberArk is an efficient PAM Tool 

CyberArk has complete Privileged Access Management solutions which include administrator accounts, service credentials, and keys. It offers a full suite of tools to discover sensitive accounts across an organization’s systems, securely store credentials, and monitor activity. 

  1. Users can acquire higher privileges

CyberArk offers a feature of Privilege Elevation that allows users to temporarily acquire higher permissions for specific tasks without having continuous privileged access. It also has a threat detection feature to identify unusual activities 

  1. Users can record and monitor sessions 

It captures admin activity using privileged session management and encrypted vault along with monitoring admins using detailed logging. It aims to find out what the privileged users are doing at all times and have controls to stop any suspicious access.

  1. API support for Integration 

It provides the CyberArk Identity API for retrieving events and the ArcSight Common Event Format (CEF) to create ArcSight CEF-CyberArk Identity events. It also has integration features like CyberArk Remote Access, CyberArk Identity Security Information, and Event Management (SIEM) for Splun

  1. CyberArk supports Cloud Integration

CyberArk supports integrations with various platforms to save the time taken in the manual configuration and setup. It supports integration with cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform to enhance Identity Access Management. 

Advantages of SailPoint

  1. It caters to all user types  SailPoint caters to all user types, not just privileged users. Its main purpose is Identity Governance which supports automated processes for managing user lifecycles, access requests, periodic entitlement reviews, and role design. 
  2. Users can be automatically provisioned 

It also offers automated user provisioning, ensuring that users receive the appropriate access to systems and applications based on their roles and responsibilities. This makes the IGA efficient and reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

  1. It enhances security using Multifactor Authentication 

SailPoint ensures the right access to the right people across an organization’s many software systems and applications. It supports Multi-factor authentication and Activity auditing for enhanced security.

  1. It has On-prem as well as Cloud Integration 

SailPoint has huge support for integrators and connectors over a wide range of services like AWS, ServiceNow, Azure, Oracle, SAP, and SalesForce. Also, It supports integration support for on-premise integration with BeyondTrust Password Safe and can be integrated with its own platforms such as SailPoint IdentityIQ Infrastructure Modules. 

  1. It reduces the overhead of Helpdesks 

SailPoint supports a self-service password reset service using which the users can reset their account password. This reduces the burden on IT helpdesks for password reset requests thereby increasing productivity.

When to choose CyberArk?

CyberArk is primarily a cybersecurity solution that offers users an efficient Privileged Access Management and Secure sensitive user credentials. It is employed to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to the organization’s sensitive data using the password vault, session monitoring, and password rotation. 

You should select CyberArk if your organization :

  • Wants to prevent insider threats such as employees or third-party access to critical data.
  • Aims to meet compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, or GDPR
  • Wants to implement the Least Privileged access to ensure users access the system only as per the role 
  • Wants to implement automated privileged access control 

When to Choose SailPoint? trainin

SailPoint is an IGA platform that allows organizations to implement identity governance policies, automate user provisioning, and streamline access management. It also supports self-service password reset and ensures regulatory requirements. It also helps the users to monitor the activity using detailed audit logs and reporting.

Select SailPoint if your organization wants to:

  • Manage the user privileges across multiple software, platforms, and numerous roles
  • Automatically provision and de-provision users during on-boarding and off-boarding
  • Reduce the manual helpdesk support for password reset 
  • Allow Role-Based-Access-Control  for numerous users with different roles

How much does the CyberArk Cost?

If we talk about CyberArk, it has five Pricing Plans starting from $2 to $5. Its CyberArk Single Sign-On has pricing of $2.00 per user per month while the CyberArk Adaptive MFA has $3.00 per user per month. It also offers CyberArk online training and CyberArk Identity Lifecycle Management starting from $4.00 per user per month and CyberArk Workforce Password Management and CyberArk Identity Compliance at $5.00 per user per month. All these plans come up with different capabilities and features. 

How much does the SailPoint Cost?

SailPoint has different pricing for its wide range of SailPoint Identity Platforms like IdentityIQ, IdentityNow, AI-driven Identity Security,  File Access Manager, and many more. All the pricing plans are quote-based and can be enquired about from the support section of SailPoint’s official website.SailPoint Identity Security Platform is also available on the Amazon Marketplace for $825,000 for 2,500 Identities.


Both CyberArk and SailPoint are Identity Access Management Platforms for managing Account Privileges, Secure Access, and  Protection of the organization’s sensitive data. CyberArk’s PAM solutions are a great option if you want to prevent insider threats and protect privileged accounts. 

On the other hand, SailPoint is ideal if your priority is identity governance, compliance, and user-friendliness are critical considerations. Now, you are able to select the right Identity Access Management Tool for your business.

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