Electric Unicycle Vs. Onewheel: Which Should You Get?

Electric Unicycle Vs. Onewheel: Which Should You Get?

Do you want to try out a plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) with only an electric bicycle or Onewheel?

Aside from becoming enjoyable rides, they enable commuting and conducting errands easier. However, there has been a lengthy discussion over comparing the two. Those who like riding electric unicycles (EUCs) praise the vehicle’s speed, low cost, range, and mobility.

 Onewheel (OW) enthusiasts, on the other hand, claim that they are more enjoyable than EUCs. There is no objective winner because this is a question of preference. While it is hard to say which is superior, I can assist you in understanding the differences between EUCs and Onewheelers based on statistics, allowing you to invest in your chosen option.

How Do EUC and Onewheel Compare?

They may appear similar at first glance, yet there are some significant distinctions between them. Let’s take a deeper look at the differences between EUC and Onewheel!


Because EUCs and OWs are mechanical, there will inevitably be some difficulties. With this in mind, special safety precautions must be implemented to prevent any technology from failing catastrophically in the future. Pushback is the major built-in safety precaution for OW. The nose of the board is tilted up as visitors approach the juncture where the turbocharger demands exceed its tendency to hold visitors upright, potentially resulting in a nosedive.

However, the OW does not have any other security features. Unlike EUC, the OW does not have any auditory warnings or backup capability to maintain you upright when you exceed the cruising speed.

You’re not going to like this since it implies the board might quickly bring you falling.


The EUC has greater battery life. EUCs often last 30-70 miles until needing to be recharged, but OWs usually last 8-18 miles without recharging.EUCs, on either hand, have a few more created safety features than OWs. However, safety features may differ slightly depending on the manufacturer. The most significant feature is the tilt-back safety mechanism. A gimbal is a comparable characteristic to a pushback. However, unlike Flow, whose nose tilts forward, the EUC is designed to alert you to excessive speed.


The comparison above plainly shows that the EUC outperforms the OW in practically every category, including speed, security, portability, range, and pricing. Certain items, however, elicit deep emotional ties with consumers, as is the situation with the Onewheel. The OW outperforms the Simultaneous in the market because the public thinks it to be cooler and more thrilling.

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