How should SMBs ensure data security in 2022?

How should SMBs ensure data security in 2022?

Elastic Compute Service, ECS, is a simple, efficient, secure and reliable computing service with elastic and scalable processing power. It is simpler and more efficient to manage than physical servers. Users can quickly create or release any number of cloud servers without having to purchase hardware in advance. With distributed storage and distributed computing as the core, cloud computing achieves dynamic management of resources by using virtualization and expansion of its own functions through resource consolidation, which is mainly to provide PaaS-related services. Cloud servers can help you quickly build more stable and secure applications, reduce the difficulty of development and maintenance and overall IT costs, and enable you to focus more on innovation in your core business.

This article provides an in-depth analysis of the measures taken by each of the four major cloud vendors – Huawei Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, and Ali Cloud – in terms of data security based on their respective security white papers.

Amazon Cloud

In the field of network security, Amazon Cloud adopts network security groups, ACL access control lists, Route Table routing tables and application firewall AWS Shield; in the field of data security, Amazon Cloud mainly adopts AWS Key Management Service and AWS Certificate Manager to secure data In the field of data security, Amazon Cloud mainly uses AWS Key Management Service and AWS Certificate Manager to secure data, in addition to security monitoring and management.

Microsoft Cloud

In the area of network security, Microsoft Cloud is supplemented by the Network Security Group (NSG) to configure strict network access and set up Azure Firewall, as well as Web Application Firewall (WAF) and secure remote access and cross-border connectivity. In the area of data security, Microsoft Cloud covers database security, data encryption, hard drive encryption, storage security and more. In the area of host security, the Azure platform implements physical-level DDos protection and service endpoints before malicious traffic enters the Azure virtual network.


In the field of network security, AliCloud uses its proprietary network VPC, security groups, cloud firewall and DDoS defense for protection; in the field of application security, AliCloud takes vulnerability scanning, code hosting, code auditing and security reinforcement measures for application environment security; at the same time, it takes ACM configuration encryption for application configuration security; at the level of application protection, it provides Web application firewall services for processing.

In the field of data security, AliCloud adopts data classification, data desensitization, data leakage prevention, data integrity and data high availability measures for data protection; at the same time, it encrypts the whole link, including transmission encryption, storage encryption, encryption computing, encryption services and SSL certificate services; in the handling of secret key management services, it hosts HSM, self-selected secret keys and secret key rotation; in the field of host security, AliCloud adopts five measures of intrusion detection, virus detection, vulnerability management, OS and image reinforcement and downtime migration, and real-time monitoring.

Huawei Cloud

In terms of data security, Huawei Cloud promises that users can enjoy the same level of security services as Huawei, while abiding by the business boundary, not to grab business with customers and not to touch customer data. This commitment is enough to see the depth of Huawei Cloud’s attention to user data security.

In the field of network security, Huawei Cloud provides a wealth of network security-related services and functions, from network architecture design, equipment selection and configuration to operation and maintenance aspects of comprehensive consideration, the bearer network using a variety of physical and virtual network multi-layer security isolation, access control and border protection technology, while strictly enforcing the corresponding control measures to ensure Huawei Cloud security.

In the field of application security, Huawei Cloud has introduced WAF and vulnerability scanning. WAF with elastic scaling of security capabilities, which provides real-time detection and protection of website traffic to ensure that websites are not tampered with by data; vulnerability scanning, which provides full lifecycle security detection from the coding stage to live operation.

In the field of data security, Huawei Cloud introduces database security services and data encryption services. Database security services, based on reverse proxy and machine learning mechanisms, provide sensitive data discovery, data desensitization, database auditing and anti-injection attacks. Data encryption service, which provides exclusive encryption, key management, key pair management and other functions to ensure data security; in the field of host security, Huawei Cloud provides asset management, vulnerability management, intrusion detection, baseline inspection and other functions to monitor and intercept website intrusion in real time.

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