How to maximize your branding during an event using custom table covering

How to maximize your branding during an event using custom table covering

It is an epic event and you want everything to be perfect. You’ve spent countless hours planning, organizing and thinking about it. It’s almost time for the doors to open and the fun to begin! After all those hours of preparation now comes what could be one of your most important marketing opportunities:

Table covers.

At this point, it seems like common sense but table covers aren’t just table covers they are marketing tools that can generate more brand awareness and recognition at a much lower cost than traditional advertising methods such as newspaper ads, billboards or TV commercials. When done right, table coverings allow exhibitors to stand out from competitors by adding beauty and visual appeal to their displays while giving them a chance to build relationships with attendees.

With table covers, it is important to be aware that the message you are conveying with table coverings will directly influence your potential success or failure. Consider if you were an attendee would you prefer to sit at a table that looks liked it was thrown together last minute? Obviously not, because attendees want to see professionalism and creativity just as much as exhibitors want them there! If table covers create a lasting impression on attendees than they can serve as a great marketing tool.

What kind of table covering should I choose?

When selecting table covers consider your brand’s design identity and then choose colors that fit within that identity also think about what emotions those colors represent and match the look of your brand accordingly. For example: if green is your main brand color than table covers should also be green. When it comes to table covers, table runners and table overlays both provide a stunning appearance while still allowing the table to serve its functional purpose of holding products and signage for your booth. If you are trying to create visual separation between your booth and others consider getting table skirts. Table skirts will not only add some elegance but they will also draw more attention to your exhibit by creating a barrier that separates your booth from competitors which could help increase foot traffic around your table/booth.

As far as material goes table runners and table overlays can come in many different materials such as polyester, spun polyester, satin, vinyl or other materials that may be suitable for a certain application depending on table size and table height.

What else can I do with table covers?

If you’re looking for a way to improve the look of your table covers or table covers at particular location consider adding table skirt clips, satin table runner clamps, cloth adhesive tape tabs or other attachment devices that will make table covers more versatile, durable and user friendly. When it comes to durability table cover weights (heaviest weight is best) such as 66 oz., 100 oz. and others should be considered when choosing a table covering that will work best in certain areas where guests may try standing on them while reaching for some product samples on the top shelves.

When selecting table covers always go with high quality prints because prints can add beauty and enhance table coverings.

What table covers is right for you?

The table covers that will work best for you will depend on your marketing goals, budget and table size/height.

When it comes to table covering the only limit is your imagination…so design something awesome!


Can table covers be used as table skirt?

Yes table skirts are easy to install and they come in many different colors, sizes and shapes.

What do table runners provide?

Table runners provide a great look for your exhibit at an economical price.

How can table cover clips help improve the look of my table dressing?

Clips will give your table covers a more finished appearance which will result in better overall performance!

Where can table overlays be purchased?

Table overlays are available online or at local retailers.


Table covering for conventions and trade shows is extremely important in creating the best image possible. Using table covers that fit your brand’s design identity will help draw more attention to your table or booth and table covers can also be used in many other creative ways such as table skirts, table skirt clips and table overlays.

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