Top Romance Movies to watch

Ocean waves is a romantic anime movie released on May 5th, 1993. It is a Japanese film & Tomomi Mochizuki directed this anime. The storyline of this anime movie is a love triangle between two boys and one girl in high school. The main characters are Morisaki Taku and Matsuno Yutaka. Taku and Yutaka are best friends. A girl named Muto Rikako.

As we explore this romantic anime movie story-The story starts in the Tokyo metro station. In the station, Taku is on one platform, and a beautiful woman is on the opposite platform. Taku is trying to see the face of the woman but she leaves the station by the metro, which results in Taku not seeing her.

Another scene will start with Taku in flight and remembering his 2years back flashback. 2years back, Taku is a student at Kochi school and doing a part-time job in the same village. Taku has a best friend Yutaka they both are from the same school. One fine day Rikako (a beautiful woman) transferred from Tokyo school to Kochi school. Rikako is intelligent, and a good player also. Yutaka has a crush on Rikako. Yutaka introduces Rikako to Taku. Riakako’s parents are separated and they moved to separate villages. Rikako likes her father, so she is not interested in staying in Kochi village. Taku helped Rikako to go to Tokyo to meet her father. After meeting her father, she realized its wrong to support her father. That night they both stayed in a hotel room. The next day Taku and Rikako return to Kochi. Yumi (another female role) is a best friend of Rikako. One fine day Yutaka expressed his love for Rikako, but she refused that proposal. On another side, Taku and Rikako’s Friendship gets stronger. But, due to some gossip in school and misunderstandings between Taku, Rikako’s friendship has broken.

The movie comes to the present day- Here, everyone meets each other at a reunion party in Tokyo city and realizes their mistakes. Taku realizes he loves Rikako and looking for Rikako at the party but she hasn’t come to the party. Finally, they meet at the metro station where he sees her in starting of the movie. This romantic anime movie was available on Netflix.

The stolen princess:

The stolen princess is a beautiful romantic animefilx. In this movie, we can see a romantic story that is adventurous also. In this anime movie, the princess took away by an evil sorcerer and an ordinary man saved her. In this journey, they fall in love with each other.

Let’s begin the story: In this anime the hero is an ordinary street artist, and his friend is a story writer of his dramas. The heroine is a princess of the same village where the hero was living. The father of the princess proposed marriage. But, the princess did not like that proposal so she left the palace. While Princess is caught by local thieves, the hero fights with thieves and intelligently escapes from that place. After that, they fall in love with each other on their travels. One day the princess was kidnapped by the evil sorcerer. This news reaches the king and he announces “those who bring princesses are eligible to marry her”. Finally, the hero gets ready to go to find the princesses. Hero reaches the location and fights with a big cat and after overcoming all obstacles, he reaches the main location of the princess. But, the evil sorcerer dressed up like a princess and informed her she didn’t like her. Then, the hero gets back to another place and sadly sits there. After some time the hero sees a chain bought by his bird friend and later realises that she is not a princess. Finally, he fights with an evil sorcerer and meets the princesses. By this, the story ends in a romantic way where the princess finds his love.

This animated film was interesting, adventurous, and available on amazon prime and youtube.

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