How to Clear YouTube Cache & Cookies from iPhone/Android/Pc

How to Clear YouTube Cache & Cookies from iPhone/Android/Pc

YouTube Cache from iPhone/Android/Computer

The usage of the cache memory is increasing the data recovering by a stored piece of information from the data that you access very often. It is from the local storage of your computer, mobile, or browser that saves information on the frequently visited web pages. This cache is a support to get the usual data very faster than from the storage device. So it takes some of the storage. In this article, we have brought you how to clear the YouTube cache and the YouTube cookies of the iPhone/Android/PC.

Cache means a very tiny memory and it gets filled very quickly. This is the reason for you to clean the cache data very often. Now let’s see the steps to clear the YouTube cache and cookies one by one.

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Clearing YouTube cache and Cookies in Google Chrome on Android, iPhone, and PC

When you use YouTube on the Google Chrome browser, the browser will keep the data of the history and store the information that you have accessed. This cache helps the browser to load the web pages very fastly with the help of the youtube cache app on iPhone. We have combined the steps in the next part on how to clear those cache on iPhone devices.

How to clean YouTube Cache & Cookies on iPhone Memory:

  • Go to the Google Chrome app on the iPhone/iPad.
  • Click the three Dot menu in the bottom right  and open the history
  • Select “Clear Browsing Data”  and clear the cache on your iPhone.
  • Check what are the data that you need to delete such as YouTube videos, images, web site data, and cookies from the Google Chrome browser.

How to Clean YouTube Cache & Cookies on Android OS:

  • Go to the Google Chrome browser on the Android mobile phone
  • Click the three Dot menu that you will see on the screen.
  • Navigate to the History and select Clear browsing data. This will clear all the youtube cache from your Android Mobile phone.
  • Select history, cookies, cached images, and files.
  • At last, select Clear Data and this will clear cookies on your Android mobile and the YouTube cache.

How to Clean YouTube Cache and Cookies on PC/Computer

  • Open Chrome on your personal  computer
  • Click on the “Three Dots” and open the menu. Inside the menu click on More Tools and click on Clear Browsing History.
  • Select the places that you need to clear the cache of your images, browsing history, cookies, and the other data of the websites.
  • To clear the YouTube Cache, click on the option Clear Data.

What Are Cookies And Cache And Why They Are Stored?

What is Cache?

Cache memory stores the details of the websites. These cache data support the future tasks of the browser. But how the YouTube cache and cookies are stored on your device? When you are accessing the internet website very often, it is stored for future usage and for faster access of the information. The all the browsers keep the data in the memory and the cache data is loaded very fastly.

What are Cookies?

The cookies are used to authenticate the identity of the user. The user experience is increased by them when you visit each website at any time. This saves the records of the user, the browsing history on each website, your interests. The cookies support you to improve:

  • The records of the customer and log in
  • The usual shopping details and carts.
  • The shopping wish list.
  • The products recommendations on Google and YouTube
  • Saving and maintaining the details of the customer and the payments options.

If you clear the YouTube cache, you can obtain a new search preference and it will help the browser to load the YouTube videos faster. However, there are no storage issues on your computer. But when you clear the cache on iPhone and Android helps the mobile phone to run the browsing faster.

The results of Clearing YouTube Cache on any Apps and Devices:

The way of deleting the cache on YouTube is common for all devices. As some examples clearing Google pixel cache, pixel 3 clear cache method, deleting on one plus 6, deleting on note 9, or even the Samsung s9 cache clearing method. All these methods are the same.

Though there are many versions of the android operating systems, there is no other method to clear the cache on them. A common problem among the users is how to clear the cache on Android marshmallows and how to clear cookies on Android. But you should note that all these versions require the same method to clear the cache.

We have shown you the steps one by one on how to clear the YouTube app cache on iPhone, Android, and Pc.

What Happens After you Clear the YouTube Cache & Cookies

The cache and cookies hold each amount of storage in your mobile phone. So if you do not clear these YouTube cache daily, the apps of the phone can get slow down. The reason is the memory of the phone gets too busy by the usual search history and the web data. Another reason is we can protect our information from being used for commercial use by organizations.

There are some frequent issues faced by the users after clearing the mobile cache as mentioned below:

  • You will have to sign in after deleting the YouTube cache and Cookies.
  • You will find a good loading time after clearing all the data images, logo, sections, etc.

The end

It is possible that you are getting bored with the same content and videos on YouTube, so you have to refresh the feeds. And next clearing the YouTube cache and Cookies is the best option for you. Follow the given steps on how to clear the YouTube cache on iPhone, Android, and Personal computers. This will delete the ongoing data and make the device run faster and smoother than ever before.

We hope this article is a huge support for you to clear the YouTube Cache from iPhone/Android/Computer. Leave your ideas in the below comment section, and we can be in touch with you.

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