How to Watch Free Live TV Channels on Plex

How to Watch Free Live TV Channels on Plex

How to Watch Plex Live TV Channels for free

There are hundreds of Plex live TV channels to stream for free of charge by Plex. And for this, even a Plex server is not required.

In July 2020, Plex launched a new option for live TV streaming by using the Web.

Earlier, the one and the only method to watch live TV in plex were to purchase a tuner and antenna. It was very expensive and difficult for non-tech users. This live TV option removes all the difficulties for the users.

But do you know how to use the Plex Live TV? What are the channels you can watch? How does it go with the surrounding of the Plex? Then you have to go through this whole article.

Who is able to use the Plex Live TV?

Anyone who has got a Plex account can go to the free live TV channels. So you do not need a Plex pass to have the benefits of this service.

There are no prohibitions based on the location. It does not matter where you are living for the Plex streaming.

What do you need to watch Plex Live TV?

The Plex’s free live channels are an IPTV service so you have the chance to watch using any Plex app if there is an active internet connection. And you do not need any extra hardware for this.

This means that you have the possibility to use the desktop, laptop, mobile phone, smart TV, streaming box, or any kind of electronic device that supports Plex.

There is no need for running a Plex Meda server. Installing the Plex media player app will give you permission for the content available.

What are the channels on Plex Live TV?

Like the other streaming services, the channels of the Plex depend on the location that you are in the world. According to Plex’s own records, 80 percent of channels available in this channel are for the globe. And a few channels are licensed for only the United States.

Some of the channels that are existing are Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Fubo Sports Network, KidsFlix, EDGE Sport, IGN TV, BAMBU, and Docurama.

In the month of September 2020, Plex invented some Spanish language channels. The Latino Music, Sony Novellas, Sony Comedias, and many more things had been added to this channel.

It is likely that many more services will be added to this Channel if the future coming years. If you are a USA citizen, there are 200 free channels available for you.

How can we use Plex Live TV?

By default, there is a live TV option in every Plex apps sidebar. By simply clicking the menu you can use this feature.

After clicking, the electronic program guide (EPG) will begin to load. Go through the channel using the EPG and check what is available there.

When clicking on the program, you can see some metadata of the content. After getting something you need to tune into, click on either Watch Now in the metadata box. Or click the play button in the thumbnail of the channel to begin watching.

What are the Other Plex Live TV Features

There are more features on Plex Live TV that are good to improve the watching experience.

It is very useful that you can go between all the channels and HD channels. If you think about using a Plex TV instead of a cable, you may need HD content for you.

You can rotate between the features by clicking the All Channels menu that is above the EPG.

And also you can see what is coming forward in EPG in the future. You can see the details for forwarding seven days. To skip these days, click Today on the page top and do the selection.

Note that you can pin the Plex Live TV feature to the Plex favorites. For that click on the three dots in the menu and select the pin you need.

How do we personalize Plex Live TV?

There are many moderation features given by the Plex Live TV.

Especially, they do both hiding and reordering the channels in the EPG.  It means that you can hide all the bad contents that you never want to watch. This is very easy for focusing on and navigating.

You can plan which one to display the last three channels you watched at the top list. So it is very easy to go and see them again.

There is an option to hide any channels that you need from the child accounts. Plex says that children have got the ability to modify the guide by themselves to see the channels again. In the time I am writing this article there is no feature available for locking,

These types of personalization cannot be found in most of the free live TVs. Very often the providers try to give many channels as they can.  This helps them to take even the last drop of money from the users. The introduction by the Plex supports get them.

If you need to do any changes, go to the EPG and click the three dots in the top left corner.

Are there any restrictions on Plex Live TV?

As the Plex is a free service and has got the partnerships with main TV networks in some countries. SO it has got some restrictions and prohibitions that you have to worry about.

At the first point, you cannot pause or rewind the Live channels. If you miss any part of a film you have nothing to do about it.

At the second point, there is no DVR option. This is different than Plex’s support for the OTS channels, which lets you make recordings using the Pex app.

Are the restrictions reduces by the amount of free content? It is probably but you have to make up your mind.

How to remove Plex TV?

If you have checked the Plex Live TV service and thought it is not available for you. So you have the chance to hide from the Plex TV.

This means you cant go into the services by using the Plex Media Server or any Plex Media player apps that are linked with your Plex account.

To deactivate the Plex Live TV go to the Plex using a browser, go to Account > Account > Online Media Sources and make the Live TV option Disabled. Even there is the chance to choose Disabled for Managed Users:  by this task, the account administrator will let you check the Live TV options, but not the managed accounts, you can use them.

What are the other Free  Streaming on Plex?

There are three unique ways in Plex to get free access to the content. It is even valid even if you don’t have any saved media to get into the app.

Additionally to the loved TV, you can use an aerial and get more videos on the collection. So don’t wait and watch go and get them.

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