Learn Voice Commands With Xfinity Voice Remote

If you are using one of Xfinity’s services, you might have heard of its Voice Remote. This remote naturally comes with Xfinity TV plans and if you are planning in getting those services, then you should know what exactly this remote does. Unlike a regular remote, Xfinity Voice Remote is voice-controlled much like Alexa and some other smart devices. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

As shocking as this one detail is, there are many other benefits of the Xfinity Voice Remote and we will be talking about some of these today. However, the main point of this article is not the multiple advantages of the Xfinity Voice Remote, but it is the Voice Commands that you can use with the Xfinity Voice Remote. We will be looking at the details of these voice commands and going over some examples to make it easier for you.

But, if you want the details for the remote or the TV plans, like the pricing and terms and conditions, you will just have to call the Xfinity customer phone number for that. You can even learn about Xfinity’s availability from them. Now, onto the Voice Commands!

Voice Command Tips

You can use the Xfinity Voice Remote for multiple things and not just to change the channels. We will give you some examples of the commands you can use to get things done.

Change or look for a channel:

  • Watch ESPN
  • Watch Channel 812
  • Cartoon Network
  • 810
  • Turn on Disney Junior

Search for a movie or TV show:

  • Watch Frozen
  • Find Paw Petrol
  • Play America’s Got Talent
  • The Voice
  • NFL Monday Night Football

Look for an actor, a singer, or any famous personality:

  • Find Tom Cruise
  • Search for Taylor Swift
  • Stephen Colbert

Explore sports by games, events, teams, and more:

  • Turn on the Lakers game
  • When is the next Bulls game?
  • What games are on?
  • New York Knicks
  • Tennis

Get recommendations:

  • What’s trending?
  • What should I watch?
  • Show me more like Money Heist
  • What is on tonight at nine o’clock?
  • Movies Guide

Browse through the on-demand collection:

  • Free thriller movies
  • Show me movies for kids
  • Find documentaries on Starz
  • HBO On Demand

Managing settings or accessing features for customers with disabilities:

  • Accessibility Home Screen
    • “Accessibility”
  • Set Accessibility Preferences
    • “Turn on Closed Captioning”
    • “Turn on Voice Guidance”
    • “Turn on the audio description”
    • “Accessibility Settings”
  • Get Accessibility information
    • “Accessibility help”
    • “Accessibility tips”
  • Find content
    • “Shows with the audio description”
    • “Accessibility Awareness”

Control DVR functionalities:

  • Record The Voice
  • Record
  • Go to my recordings
  • Pause
  • Fast Forward
  • What’s on my DVR?

Open and use an app:

  • Launch Pandora
  • Traffic app
  • Stocks

Check the Wi-Fi name and password (only works if you have Xfinity Internet and an xFi Gateway):

  • What’s my Wi-Fi information?
  • What is my Wi-Fi password?
  • My Wi-Fi password
  • Show Wi-Fi password
  • I forgot my Wi-Fi login

Look at the recent thumbnail snapshots from the camera feed:

  • Show me my cameras
  • Xfinity cameras
  • Cameras
  • Security cameras

Watch the live camera feeds:

  • Porch camera
  • Pull up the front door camera
  • Show me the living room camera

Watch the recorded camera videos:

  • Show camera clips
  • Show clips of vehicles
  • Show me camera motion events
  • Show me people clips

Troubleshoot your Xfinity TV:

  • “System refresh”
  • “Pair remote”
  • “Restart box”
  • “Language”


  • “My appointment”
  • “View my bill”

Other Benefits of Xfinity Voice Remote

Knowing the Voice Commands you can use for your benefit, let’s take a look at what other benefits this remote is offering.

  • Backlit keypad
  • Automatic pairing
  • Aim Anywhere feature
  • TV input control

The remote boasts a “Say it, See it” feature and it is true to its word. Whatever you command it, as long as it is within its bounds, you will see it. 

To Make a Long Story Short,

Xfinity offers some of the best services in the U.S. and it doesn’t just stop there. Xfinity also offers the best devices that you can pair with its services for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Just like for all services, you have different plans and different requirements, these devices work best with different plans and come with their own set of requirements too. So, this is why, if you plan on getting yourself a Voice Remote, you’ll have to go into the details of what to get and what not to get.

Another perk of this remote is that it even works well with Xfinity Home security devices and the app. However, that is a topic for another day. For now, we hope that this article has been helpful to you in explaining voice commands and how they should be called out. Once again, if you wish to know more about the remote and what it costs or entails, you should reach out to Xfinity customer service. You can simply call 844-207-8721.

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