What is a Browser Cache? How Do I Clear It?

What is a Browser Cache? How Do I Clear It?

The browser cache displays more answers than problems but usually leads to more problems. So today in this article we will read about what is a Browser Cache and How to Clear It?

Even if the cache is emptied according to the instructions, many people do not know what magic this is, or why emptying the cache will have any effect.

Let’s read what is called browser cache and the reasons for its existence. In this article, I’ll also show you the steps to clear this vulnerability in edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and chrome, and try to figure out some reasons why it sometimes helps.

Browser cache

Web browsing serves to think the speed of the Internet is not good and it’s slow. Because many websites use the same elements on multiple pages (such as a logo), the browser only downloads when it encounters it for the first time, so it does not need to download every time. The cache is the place to save these download elements. Sometimes the browser will lose the content in the cache, causing display problems. Each browser permits you to delete the cache to start over, hoping to solve these problems.


The main reason for the existence of Cache is a basic assumption of browser designers: the Internet is slow.

More precisely, the Internet connection you are using is slower than your computer.

It’s more speedy to get things from the hard disk than from the Internet. This is true even at today’s Internet speed.

It was noticed by Browser designers that most websites repeat many elements on several pages. As an example, if you view this page, you will see the specific logo of the website -the sign is at the top. It’s appearing at the top head of each webpage of the site. So my idea is, why download the same logo repeatedly for each page? Why not download it once and keep a copy so that we can display it again without each download? That will speed things up.

Browser cache

This is the browser cache. It is just a place on the hard disk. The browser will save the downloaded content once in case it is needed again.

The browser downloads the logo and several other items into the cache when you first visit any page on any specific site and displays them as part of the page you are viewing. For each additional page, you visit, as long as the same sign is viewed, again you don’t need to download it  – it’s already saved on your hard disk.

The cache has a size limit that you can usually configure. When the cache is full, items in the cache that have not been used for some time will be discarded to make room for items you are currently using.

Of course, things are much more than that. For example, I have a way to update the logo on the website and make it overwrite anything in the cache, so what you see is always up-to-date. But in general, that’s all it is: a place to store things locally so you don’t have to download the same things again and again.

Till the time something break, this will be transparent to you.

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Clear or delete cache

Clearing the cache only means deleting it or emptying it. The next time you display a web page, you must download all content again.

For reasons which I can’t give reasons, except to say “something happened”, the cache sometimes becomes chaotic. This looks to happen on all browsers, and it happens randomly. You will see partially loaded or malformed web pages, web pages that should be updated but not updated, pictures that are not completed, and even wrong pictures in the wrong location.

This is not always a cache problem, but because it often happens, “deleting browser cache” is one of the first diagnostic steps proposed by people like me.

Also, read our instructions for the four most popular browsers.

Empty browser cache

There is no reason for confusion if it’s an empty cache. When you visit the web page later, the browser will download a new copy of all the content you see on each page. You have forced the browser to recreate ate the cache from scratch when loading or reloading pages.

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Is it compulsory to delete the browser cache?

When you suspect cache-related problems, it is the only time you should delete the browser cache. The problem may be page display or browser performance. This may happen more often. There is really no harm in regular clearing the cache or when the browser exits, but the browser needs to download any previously cached files again, which will have a slight impact on performance.

Is clearing the cache and deleting browsing history the same thing?

Deleting the browser history is different from clearing cache. A cache is a usually invisible collection of downloaded Web pages and page elements used by browsers to make speed improve. Browsing history is a collection of websites you have visited. You can clear one of them, but clearing one does not affect the other.

How often should I clear up the cache?

Ideally, you never need to clear your browser’s cache. In fact, if you suspect cache-related display or performance problems, or if you want to remove traces of visited sites from sites stored on your computer, you can clear it. In the latter case, it is a good idea to configure the browser to empty the cache when the browser is closed.

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