What Takes Place When You Clear the TikTok App’s Cache


Most mobile applications gradually accumulate cache and data. To make the app’s interface load quicker, some items are kept in your phone’s internal memory. The same is true with TikTok, where the more data it retains on your phone the more you use the app. When you watch videos on TikTok for hours or even days, the question of whether you should erase the cache arises. What happens when you clear the cache for the TikTok app, too?

TikTok App's Cache

You should frequently erase the app’s cache and data. Because they may take up a significant amount of storage space and possibly impair the app’s performance. In this article, you’ll discover how to clean the TikTok cache on Android and iOS devices, whether you should care, and what happens when you do.


On the phone, all apps keep cache data so that every time you open one of them, it seems just as quick as the first time you used it. Apps like TikTok use the cache files on your smartphone swiftly. And simply do common, repetitive tasks rather than uploading everything from the internet each time you use them.

It also has other benefits. Since TikTok just needs to download a certain kind of data (new content updates), rather than all of it, it uses less mobile data. What kind of data does TikTok store?


Your TikTok profile information, app settings, information about videos you are seeing or uploading to the service, watching history, filter and effect preferences, and other information are all stored in the TikTok app. To be clear, TikTok is just saving specific information about the video and saving the video itself.

Cache file clearing can boost an app’s performance, free up more storage, and fix common issues that come up frequently for users.

You don’t even notice the change as the caching process operates in the background unless you clear the TikTok cache and launch the application once more.


You will start from scratch, which may require a new sign-in. Your login information and profile are deleted when you clear the cache. The app downloads a new copy of the cache when you login into TikTok once more. After a little while, you should be able to see your profile once more.


Nevertheless, TikTok won’t remove the movies you like or upload. It won’t take away either your comments or the feedback left on your videos. Your whole data set, including profile information and history, is secure. The servers for TikTok host the data. The software uploads portions of the cloud-based data back to your smartphone in order to speed up content delivery and enhance functionality.

Like the last time already when you clear it, the cache footprint will start off quite modest and gradually increase over time.


Step 1: Go to your phone’s settings and look for TikTok under Control apps or wherever else apps are listed. Your smartphone’s make and model will determine this. Launch it.

Step 2: Select Clear cache and Clean all data by tapping on Comprehensive information at the bottom of the screen.


As you can see in the screenshots below, I tested it out, and the app required me to sign into my account.

The official TikTok app itself allows you to delete the cache, giving you more control.

Step 1:Launch the app, then select the Me tab just at bottom of the screen by tapping on the three dots. The setting will then start. Click on Create more room.

Step 2: You will clear your downloads and cache. Downloads contain filters, stickers, effects, and other data, as noted in the program. Contrary to the Android Settings choices, where everything removing, you can pick and choose which data to remove.

 official TikTok app


While iOS is well known for so many things, flexibility and openness are not among them. The cache and data of TikTok or another app cannot remove from the iOS settings. It’s advantageous that the TikTok app provides this choice.

To remove the TikTok cache on your iPhone or iPad, open the app and follow the same steps as you did for Android above. Nothing has changed.

Although TikTok has become extremely popular, not everything about it is happy-go-lucky. Like all social media apps, it has a good proportion of scandals and scams in addition to privacy and security problems. However, that does not imply that it is without merit. There are many cool accounts that can entertain you and teach you new things.

The TikTok app and your phone will both run slower as you use it more frequently and it will take up more storage space. Occasionally clearing cached files and data is a good idea. Your user experience will only be enhanced; your profile or any connected data won’t be lost. You desire it, after all. a superior user experience when using your preferred app.

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Q & A

What does clearing your cache do on TikTok?

When the cache is cleared on TikTok, only the app’s temporary storage remove. Noting that emptying your TikTok cache will increase the amount of space available on your mobile device, you will eventually need to repeat the process as more usage and time pass.

Should I remove my TikTok cache?

The TikTok app and your phone will both run slower as you use it more frequently and it will take up more storage space. Occasionally clearing cache files and data is a good idea. Your user experience will only enhance; your profile or any connected data won’t be lost.

How to reduce the sizeable TikTok storage on your phone?

  • Your phone’s cache should clear.
  • On your phone, delete any unneeded drafts that save.
  • Finally, uninstall and then reinstall the TikTok app.

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