The best website builders

The best website builders

We have brought a list of favorite website builders for you to find the correct one. Note that nearly all the free website builders given in the list give premium package services for you. Most of them have enlarged storage and bandwidth, and also the features that are reduced from their freemium counterparts. The unwanted ads are removed by the premium plans that appear on your page and the subdomains stored in the website URL. They must be broken if you are working in a professional field.

Most of the time, you can get the things for what you pay. As it does not essentially mean you have to spend a lot to get the best site. It is very important to think about how much professionalism you need to appear on your website. Anyhow spending that little bit of extra money can make you a very long path.

The photographers can see the portfolio site makers.  You can study how the website builders control and present large images in the gallery.

The best


WordPress is based on the website builder Digital trends, though there are professional programmers that we cannot see. You can check all the services at and possibly it is the easiest published open-source background. This takes you to a huge amount of templates, themes, and plugins that you can download for free or buy in a premium package.

The platform belongs to excessive learning methods, which are not surprising. The long-term capacities and ex[ensive level of customization, the latter which needs to invest the time for learning the functions. Nevertheless, WordPress shines when coming to ready-made themes, mobile friendlier templates, and widgets that let you include all the things from comments to images. And so you can get information about the traffic from WordPress. This will be a support to feed your website to the audience, and also 3GB storage space with unlimited bandwidth.

You can download and install Worpress directly for any hosting service that you looking to use. This is a very complicated task, and you have to give much effort. If you need to make a layout of any template, for instance, you can modify the code to do the function. Existing the plugins can be a solution but many clicks are required for the installation.

 If you need any simple option, is software that is externally hosted. This means you can create the accounts online, upload the things you need, and publish them at the same moment. No downloads and learning twists. It gives you a good amount of customization and available tasks that do not require any coding knowledge.

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Wix is among the best free website builders in the market. It belongs to hundreds of HTML templates and they are very user-friendly and suitable for software drag and drop interfaces. It feels like making a PowerPoint presentation to make the website. While Wix gives more flexibility for the customization than the other website builders, the uncontrolled freedom makes it easier to make uninspired designs, if you do not know what to do.

Wix takes you to the earlier stages of the website via Site History and includes a strong combination with a large collection of services like calendars and Instagram feeds. And these services let you modify the mobile sites.

Wix does not let you change into new templates if you are already running a project and only gives 500MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth for choosing the freemium package. Upgrading to more bandwidth and storage belong domain tools, rising from $5 to $25 for a month.


Squarespace generally gets lots of attention for its good benefits. It is smooth, made with many features, nice and expensive. The Squarespace will charge you $12 for a month for the basic package, and with the rates like $40 for the business package. This $12 month gathers you unlimited storage and bandwidth, anyhow it restricts 20 pages. You are given the full business incorporation, and an SSL security certificate is also included.

The latest website builders let you design HTML5 cooperative sites with a good focus on business. Yet it walks when coming to analytical tools and it resounds the capability to assist mobile devices. Buttons for adding and editing the information on the left side of the simple interface. As well as a button for immediate previewing of how the content will appear once getting stuck to this theme.

Squarespace’s combination with third-party concerns is not magnificent as other website builders. Anyhow the Developer platform presents the users with the capability to insert their own HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes if they need to increase more functionalities.

This service also gives tutorials for all the steps to import pages from other websites. It gives forums and workshops to make your speed according to the all features of the site. You cannot modify the mobile functions, and the platform reduces the page and the tools. However, there are many things to express its approaching and seeling capabilities.


Weebly is a favorite service among builders who use template-based websites. It is simple to use, very neat, and gives you lots of modification features.  The options like dragging and dropping images, text, and other elements are shown in the left-hand sidebar, though there is the possibility to insert options in the chosen areas on the page.

It Is said that limiting the modifications lets the beginner users catch the platform faster than other websites’ services brought to you instead of the themes. Weebly gives the chance to map and download the full website as a ZIP file that you need to move the information to any Web site hosting service.

Though Weebly does not talk about the best image editing techniques on the market, it gives you to effortlessly as audio and videos to the website and provides better business tools for putting in the store interface. The mobile site too can be modified and using Weebly iPads you can build the site on the go.

The free package admits you 500MB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. It is with the options for increased storage and the features from $8 up to $25 that are paid annually.


Edicy did many things than changing its name when it became VOOd in 2014. But the spirit of the service remains the same. It is built based on a simple drag and drop interface that is dependent on the menu bar at the bottom of the page. This gives you the features to add text, movies, and images.

It sprawls in the basics with many themes to select from, but each one is reactive and increased for all platforms users can use this site. The lack of modification can be an obstacle to those who find broad packages, However, it provides the site one of the simple ways for beginners with tiny design experience.

The hallmark of Voog is its bilingual component, a thing that let you make similar iterations of the site for many regions around the world. (United States, Brazil, Canada) Some services give such features, which brings the platform to an outstanding form for six Euros in a month (like seven US dollars) if you are working in an international platform, web bases store. You can get 2GB storage and go to the open API for the price. At the same time, more expensive offerings give you more storage and pages.

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